Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Goal Horns Just Got A Boost

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There are some new details on our goal horn page, but by far the most important improvement comes with some help from a friend of the site. We have teamed up with NHL Horns and Songs to bring you more authentic goal horn sounds than what we previously offered. Why try to improve on it when there is someone out there than makes them much better? Many of his horns are unique to the internet as they have been remastered or completely rebuilt and the accuracy is unbelievable!

After working together on some projects, I would like to thank him for allowing us the use of his clips to improve the authenticity of our Goal Horns pages. As he uploads the 2014/15 Goal horns we will be replacing our old SoundCloud files with his videos, and update them as needed after that.

Check out our Goal Horns page here and head over to his youtube channel here!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Save The Organ, Save The Tradition

Once again it appears that the St. Louis Blues management team are tampering with the tradition of the Blues Goal Song. I guess they didn't learn their lesson years ago when they tried to use this rock version. Fans of other teams do not always appreciate the tradition of the organist playing "When The Blues Go Marching In" but Blues fans hold it dear to their hearts, and they are the ones filling Scottrade Center. I am calling on all Blues fans to head to Twitter and use the hashtag #SaveTheOrgan and include @StLouisBlues to express your feelings about our goal song. Let's make sure this is just a preseason fluke and not a permanent mistake!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wild's New Scoreboard Unveiled

With the start of the 2014-15 Minnesota Wild season will come big change. That change will hang over center ice and stretch nearly to each blue line. The old scoreboard has already started to come down. The change in video board follows just over a year after the Nationwide Arena got a new board. That arena opened nearly the same time as Xcel Energy Center.

UPDATE: The scoreboard has been officially unveiled.

Previous Update: Below is a photo of the scoreboard covered by plastic  as well as the dismantling of the old scoreboard.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Pardon The Mess

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I am doing some work on the home page. As we have had several issues with the previous design, I have decided to go back to a modified version of what we run on the rest of the site. This should give a more streamlined feel to the site as you are browsing. In the days ahead I will be doing some work on various areas of the home page and I will be modifying the teaser graphics that appear as well. Don't worry though... new ices will still have top priority!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flyers Surprise Us With New Red Line

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Its not often that a team like the Flyers change up their red line. Its one of those ice designs that we come to expect every year. In fact, they have used the triple stripe red line every year since 1989, with the exception of 2007 when a strange checkered pattern was painted instead. This year the Flyers have given up on tradition and are going with the current trending red line with team logos inside it. At least the team did try to change theirs up a bit by using red logos inside the outline as opposed to the much overused white logos inside a solid red line. What do you think of the new red line?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

NHL 15 Authentic Arenas

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EA Sports seems to be struggling to keep their Authentic Arenas pages alive and up-to-date. They are missing several of the graphics that were uploaded in the last month, so we have you covered.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Final Year At Nassau Coliseum

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After this season the Islanders will move to their new home, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, leaving behind the coliseum which they have played in for 45 years. To celebrate one final year, the team will have a special logo which will likely be worn on their jerseys as a patch. However, we also got to thinking about the possibility of it appearing at center ice, and wondered what that might look like. Here is my guess...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

New Arena Name In Glendale

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The Arizona Coyotes and Gila River Casinos have agreed to 9 year partnership that will include the first naming-rights deal by a federally recognized tribe with a venue for one of the four major professional sports leagues. The agreement must be approved by the Glendale City Council during its meeting Sept. 9. The venue, which had been called Arena, will be known as Gila River Arena if the deal is approved.

Of course, here at Frozen Faceoff, this makes us ponder what the center ice design might look like if this new name becomes reality. Here is a prediction based on the current branding for Gila River Casinos.

UPDATE:  Ok, I was way off on this prediction. Here is my concept which was plausible but not at all what the arena decided to do.

NHL 15 Ice Accuracy (updated)


As the first screens and videos were released of the upcoming EA Sports NHL title, I obviously started to pay attention to the ice graphics to see how realistic they were. Given that the arena's so far have looked amazingly accurate, I imagined that the center ice designs would be equally authentic. It's early on and some photos/videos could be earlier builds but often these early issues end up in final product. It is not my intent to run down EA or their game in this article, but simply bring attention to these inaccuracies so that perhaps they will notice and correct them so that we end up with as many authentic ices as possible. Lets get started.

Stephen Rowe of EA Sports modeling: Great review and knowledge. You will be happy to know all the issues you pointed out have already been addressed. Licensing difficulties limit the authenticity of some arenas. I'm looking forward to reading your full review once the game is released. 

Boston Bruins - Looks great!

Dallas Stars - Looks great!

Detroit Red Wings
So far it is hard to see much but from the screen shot EA released, I cannot see any problems.

Edmonton Oilers
This is a bit odd... The Oilers have no arena name on ice, yet the Rexall Arena logos are under the scoreboard and on the left wall. Last year the arena sponsor, Rexall, got a new logo. My only thought is that the wordmark around center ice is going to change and Rexall requested that they do not put the text in. At any rate, such an authentic arena having no text at center ice is quite a bummer, but lets hope this gets fixed somehow!

Los Angeles Kings - Looks great!

Montreal Canadiens (updated)
The red line has been updated. All this ice needs is the proper Bell Centre font.

New York Rangers - Looks great!

Philadelphia Flyers - Looks great!
 Pittsburgh Penguins - Looks great!

San Jose Sharks
Another solid red line where it shouldn't be, but isn't it nice to see an actual arena name on the ice at San Jose? (An EA rep has told us that the red line has since been fixed!)

Saint Louis Blues 
Still need to work on the arena wordmark a bit. 'Scottrade' should be in purple and 'Center' in gray.

I will update this page as we see more center ice designs from the game.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Detroit Arena Renderings Released

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If all goes well, the Red Wings could be playing in a sparkling new arena in 2017. There are many hurdles left to clear but things are progressing finally. The organization released renderings of the new arena and its surrounding neighborhood. The arena design itself looks unlike anything anyone could have imagined for the Red Wings. Many people expected some sort of throwback look to the Olympia, but what they are proposing will leave all since of the word 'traditional' in the dust.

Click here to view the District Detroit Media kit for more information and renderings.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Goal Horn Section Now Open!

As a hockey fan, we all notice the goal horns at games. They can accompany the greatest excitement for a hockey fan, or the greatest disappointment if you are rooting for the away team. Every NHL arena has one... or do they??? I have spent the last couple years compiling bits and pieces about as many horns as possible. You would think I would have much more info than this on them over that amount of time, but it turns out that many teams and arenas are not too eager to give out too much information about their game entertainment center piece. Most teams responded to me with at least a little information. To those teams I am very thankful! There are a few teams that failed to respond to any of my emails, and I must say that I was quite surprised and disappointed at their public relations practices.  Now we have a new section devoted to goal horns and we have some new information and photos!

First of all here are a few fun facts about goal horns:

  • Chicago was the first team to use a goal horn back in the 70's. 
  • In 1996, the NHL responded to the use of goal horns with a new set of rules regarding horns and music and when and how loud they could be played.
  • Two NHL teams currently use a recording of a goal horn rather than using a real horn. One of those teams will be discussed in part 1, the other in part 2.
  • Most of the leagues goal horns live up in the rafters, many of them out of sight. 
  • Several teams have horns that were originally on a vessel. 
  • In most cases, goal horns are NOT triggered by the controls that run the scoreboard. They are in no way tied into that system. 
  • Many teams that relocate to a new arena will bring their old goal horn along with them.
Ok, enough with that! Time to check out our new goal horn section! CLICK HERE

Also you can access the new section from the homepage by selecting Features, and then clicking on NHL Goal Horns.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Center Ice Tournament Champions

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Our fans have voted and the winner of the 2014 Center Ice Tournament is once again the Chicago Blackhawks! Thank you to all who have voted in the tournament this year! We had a great response!

Here are the previous champions...