Monday, December 8, 2014

Organist Victim Of Another Blues Stunt?

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#savetheorganIST: Many of you know that I am a die-hard Blues fan and have probably gotten used to the fact that I am not always good at hiding my favoritism. Unfortunately I dislike the game entertainment management as much as I love the team. Recently their decision making has left me wondering if they even care about their fans at all. Worse yet, my emails and tweets to the team have been completely ignored as they have been in the past. That doesn't say much for their public relations department either. Many Blues fans are aware that the organ music at Scottrade Center for the last month has been less than stellar to say the least. In fact, the energy that the organ has always provided even in the worst of games has now vanished.

Back around 2008 the Blues decided it was time to bring back live organ music. For several years the music had simply been pre-programed/recorded music from the organ itself. They hired Jeremy Boyer, a Southeast Missouri State graduate who had experience playing the organ for their basketball games as well as the Saint Louis Cardinals' AAA affiliate Memphis Redbirds.

Jeremy took this role very serious and even studied with the great long time organist Ernie Hayes. He understood how important the team's history and traditions were to it's fans and worked very hard to respect and honor those traditions. He played our goal song very similar to the way it was played back when the Blues played in the old arena.

Fast forward to this season: The Blues' management surprised us all in the preseason by changing up our goal song. This is not the first time in recent years that they have tried to do this. Each time the change is met with outrage from Blues fans and this time was no different. Apparently the 'suits' do not have a very good memory, or perhaps they just don't care what fans think.

 The preseason drama hit twitter in the form of a hashtag "#SaveTheOrgan." It seemed to work as the Blues would soon release a statement assuring its fans that the traditions they cared about so deeply, including the organ, would be sticking around. At that point we thought the drama was over and had the Blues management stopped there, we would all be happy campers.

Sadly this was not the end of the story. While we don't really know what is going on with our beloved organist at this time, we do know a few things.

  1. Jeremy never missed a game in his time with the Blues.
  2. Blues management have already proven that they want change for the sake of change.
  3. Jeremy has not played in over a month as of the posting of this article. 
  4. Another person or persons has been filling in on the organ. 
I have not heard anything about whether our organist has been replaced, quit or is simply taking some time out for himself. Given the amount of time he has been gone, I would now highly doubt that he is taking time off. Someone who never misses a game is not likely to take off too much time all of the sudden. 

Given the poor judgement that the manger(s) overseeing game presentation seem to make, I would now guess that they are up to their old tricks. Even more convincingly, they do not seem to be responding to any fan's questions or complaints regarding the issue. 

Its time to show the Blues management that 18,000 plus fans packing the arena every game are the one's whose opinions really matter. Not some suit and tie who might be wanting to make a name for himself. I ask everyone to go to twitter and voice your concerns using the hashtag # AND send your concerns by email to or call (314) 622-2500. 

Also there is a survey on the Blues site where you can leave feedback: Guest Experience Survey. Together we can get him back behind the organ at Scottrade Center in no time!

Finally, here is a clip of our wonderful organist playing the old St Louis Arena organ a couple years ago at Scottrade Center. 

Team Rink Wallpaper: FLR Added VAN Corrected

Check out our new team ice rink desktop wallpaper. We will be uploading more teams every couple of days but here are a few to get you started. As this feature grows in the future, we will give it a special spot within the site for easy navigation of the downloadable content. Please keep in mind that this set of rinks is meant to be for fun. The board ads are not authentic and some may even be humorous at times. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Power Problems In Detroit

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A "major cable failure" shut down the grid at about 10:30 a.m., and all of the roughly 100 customers on the grid are affected, according to a statement from the City of Detroit. Among the places affected was the Joe Louis Arena, home of the Red Wings. Power has since been restored and the outage will not impact the evening game. This is not the first time in recent days that power has been absent from the Joe. A November 30th Canucks game was delayed recently when half of the arena's power was knocked out. Below are some photos of a darkened JLA.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Saddledome Ice Goes Pink

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#HitmenFightCancer is why the Flames ice has been turned pink. This is a common practice in November for several minor league teams, but it is not done in NHL rinks.  This exception is because the Flames share the Saddledome with the WHL's Calgary Hitmen. While the ice did not get the full circle Hitmen logo, the ice did get a nice top coat of pink. Here is the rare look at an NHL rink in pink.



Thursday, October 30, 2014

AHL Phantoms Come To Their Senses

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It would appear that the most unusual ice design in the AHL was taken back to the drawing board. Its great to be unique but the Phantoms found a less desirable unique way to show of their logo inside the new PPL Center. That design did not last long. Its quite possible that their fans did not like the odd positioning of the logo or perhaps it violated an AHL rule (though the AHL seems to be pretty lax on the ice painting rules).  At any rate, they have gone with a more traditional layout now. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the change.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

NHL 15 Center Ice Accuracy

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Its that time again. Today we take a look at the center ice designs in NHL 15 and see how close they are to the real thing and where there could be improvement. As always, I welcome EA Sports to email me if they need any help with some graphics or check out our NHL section for the latest NHL center ice designs!

A couple things to remember about this... EA is produced before most teams paint their ice for the upcoming season so I have used reference shots from the previous season because that is what they are attempting to work off of. Also keep in mind that anniversary logos do not appear in the EA NHL games as they would be old news by the time the game came out.

Finally, I should mention that I do not go into detail on the white trim around the red lines. They are the same for every rink in the game this year. I would normally nitpick about something like that but in previous years many ices didn't have ANY white trim and the logos simply touched the red line. I don't know of hardly any teams that have done that in the last decade so even a standard trim looks better than none at all.

Lets get started!

Anaheim: The top half of the red line should face the opposite direction. Otherwise looks good.

Arizona: Obviously the arena name officially took place after NHL 15 development had been completed so there was no chance of the new arena name being in the game. Glad they were able to leave the old name in so the rink looks realistic at least.

Boston: Perfect, and as a bonus you can find this year's solid red line in the game as well if you play in Boston on NHL Moments Live.

Buffalo: I think the logo size might need adjusting, or perhaps ours does. Oh well, looks very good either way.

Calgary: They actually got the authentic arena text which I have been unable to match so far. Ill work on that! Perfect recreation EA!

Carolina: One of two arenas not licensed in the game. PNC Arena assured us on Twitter that they are in talks with PNC regarding the future of their likeness being included in the EA NHL Series. Now if EA could just stop being lazy with their red line... How hard would that red line be to recreate?

Chicago: And here is the other unlicensed arena this year. Glad to see they got rid of the Chicago Stadium text after realizing that NHL is not played in stadiums, unless of course they are outdoor games. Red line could use some work as they seem to have this generic boxed red line on many ices this year.

Colorado: Fix that "CENTER" font and you have a perfect recreation.

Columbus: They never did have much luck recreating the arena text. At least now it has changed in real life so next year they can have a fresh start at the new text layout. The red line stars are very big but ast least this year they aren't all disfigured.

Dallas: Bold that font and straighten the stars and you've got it!

Detroit: The generic boxed red line is is use again but this time it sort of works. That pattern is not far off from the real thing. They never get the "Detroit Red Wings" font quite right and perhaps shrink the arena text a bit.

Edmonton: The font looks to be outdated still but this ice wont be around much longer anyway, Besides that it looks great in game!

Florida: We compare these designs to the previous season because that is all EA has to work with at the time they make these games. Anniversary logos are never used in game as they would date the game almost immediately. They pretty much nailed this ice as best as they could have guessed. We even assumed that the Panthers would go back to their diamond red line this season with the return of their primary logo but they did not. Personally I like the solid red line better and perhaps EA could update that easily in a patch, who knows.

Los Angeles: Always good to perfect the championship team's center ice in the game!

Minnesota: The generic red line is back but hey, its pretty close.

Montreal: Several Habs fans had high hopes that EA would finally update the arena text font, but not this year. Shoot us a message EA, we can help you out on this!  The red line is not quite right, though I have to say it looks better in game than on the real ice.

Nashville: Nicely done!

New Jersey:  EA must not want to spend time on the spacing of boxes on red lines so they go with the generic once again. Works pretty well here though.

New York Islanders: Nassau Coliseum is FINALLY licensed! I guess in all that excitement, EA forgot to recreate their red line... you know, the ONLY red line design they have EVER used. Also the logo appears to be an older version and the outline looks pretty bad.

New York Rangers: MSG makes its return to the ice and isn't it a great site. The generic red line makes another appearance though. They took alot of pride in their Madison Square Garden arena recreation so I sure wish they would have finished it off with that uniquely spaced red line design.

Ottawa Senators: The new arena name looks perfect this year! The red line design is solid logos rather than detailed logos and that surprising stands out a lot. Maybe next year!

Philadelphia Flyers:  Looks pretty good. I think i would make the arena text a bit more bold, but certainly not a big issue.

Pittsburgh Penguins: Perfect! What more can I say?

San Jose Sharks: So great to see the Sharks home ice licensed and back in the NHL series. Pefect arena text and all that really needs work is the generic red line. In recent years the red line has looked worse in the game though so I can live with this.

Saint Louis: Perhaps I am more picky on the Blues ice as they are my favorite team, but there are a couple issues that they have missed for a few years now.  The Blues logo seems to dark in game (yes its hard to tell this year with the new ice textures in the game). the thing that stands out the most to me is the arena text. The font is dead on but the size is a bit too large and too far from the center circle. Also the words should be in purple and gray.

Tampa Bay: Another case where the arena name changed too late in the development process, but hey, it could be worse. We could have ended up with no arena name at all like in past years for some teams.

Toronto: A little tweaking could be done to the font, but honestly, its not broken so I wouldn't worry about fixing it.

Vancouver: Hmmm, this is EA Canada's hometown rink which they have stated they have visited, so why can't they get their own red line accurate. This year it got the old generic box treatment. Otherwise it looks good.

Washington: The arena text could be more bold but other than that, looks good.

Winnipeg: Looks great!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Our Goal Horns Just Got A Boost

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There are some new details on our goal horn page, but by far the most important improvement comes with some help from a friend of the site. We have teamed up with NHL Horns and Songs to bring you more authentic goal horn sounds than what we previously offered. Why try to improve on it when there is someone out there than makes them much better? Many of his horns are unique to the internet as they have been remastered or completely rebuilt and the accuracy is unbelievable!

After working together on some projects, I would like to thank him for allowing us the use of his clips to improve the authenticity of our Goal Horns pages. As he uploads the 2014/15 Goal horns we will be replacing our old SoundCloud files with his videos, and update them as needed after that.

Check out our Goal Horns page here and head over to his youtube channel here!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Save The Organ, Save The Tradition

Once again it appears that the St. Louis Blues management team are tampering with the tradition of the Blues Goal Song. I guess they didn't learn their lesson years ago when they tried to use this rock version. Fans of other teams do not always appreciate the tradition of the organist playing "When The Blues Go Marching In" but Blues fans hold it dear to their hearts, and they are the ones filling Scottrade Center. I am calling on all Blues fans to head to Twitter and use the hashtag #SaveTheOrgan and include @StLouisBlues to express your feelings about our goal song. Let's make sure this is just a preseason fluke and not a permanent mistake!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wild's New Scoreboard Unveiled

With the start of the 2014-15 Minnesota Wild season will come big change. That change will hang over center ice and stretch nearly to each blue line. The old scoreboard has already started to come down. The change in video board follows just over a year after the Nationwide Arena got a new board. That arena opened nearly the same time as Xcel Energy Center.

UPDATE: The scoreboard has been officially unveiled.

Previous Update: Below is a photo of the scoreboard covered by plastic  as well as the dismantling of the old scoreboard.

Photo by @MNWarthog


Friday, September 19, 2014

Pardon The Mess

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I am doing some work on the home page. As we have had several issues with the previous design, I have decided to go back to a modified version of what we run on the rest of the site. This should give a more streamlined feel to the site as you are browsing. In the days ahead I will be doing some work on various areas of the home page and I will be modifying the teaser graphics that appear as well. Don't worry though... new ices will still have top priority!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Flyers Surprise Us With New Red Line

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Its not often that a team like the Flyers change up their red line. Its one of those ice designs that we come to expect every year. In fact, they have used the triple stripe red line every year since 1989, with the exception of 2007 when a strange checkered pattern was painted instead. This year the Flyers have given up on tradition and are going with the current trending red line with team logos inside it. At least the team did try to change theirs up a bit by using red logos inside the outline as opposed to the much overused white logos inside a solid red line. What do you think of the new red line?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

NHL 15 Authentic Arenas

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EA Sports seems to be struggling to keep their Authentic Arenas pages alive and up-to-date. They are missing several of the graphics that were uploaded in the last month, so we have you covered.