New York Islanders Future In Brooklyn

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Its not breaking news at this point about the Islanders move to Brooklyn. I still don't know how they will be able to cope with an arena that was built solely for basketball but that is a problem they can deal with.

Perhaps what interests me most about this whole thing is the new center ice layout which will likely occur with a change of venue. Here are a couple Barclays Center concepts that I have come up with while trying to predict what the center ice might look like in the arena.  Also note that the current layout of Barclays Center would put the center scoreboard over one of the blue lines, not over center ice.  This layout is similar to what the Phoenix Coyotes endured in America West Arena.

Red Lines: Unique To Cliche

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Red line patterns have changed throughout the years, but perhaps they should remember the phrase, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it."  Red lines started out as a way for people watching black and white television to distinguish the red line from the blue line.

In the modern era they are nothing more than place for unique creativity, or perhaps a lack thereof.
Red lines started out having very simple plain patterns such as various sized white boxes or diamonds. Over the years some teams have tried to be more creative and have done a nice job. Here are some examples of red lines that I have found to be creative and unique.

Unfortunately unique is turning into cliche these days as many teams have started to go with their team logo inside the red line. In fact, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if 25 of the 30 teams end up using this concept by 2015.

Finally, I would like to point out some my least favorite red lines in NHL history.

San Jose Ice Gets A New Look

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HP Pavilion's corporate logo looks the same this year except on the ice. They have changed their typeface to a upper and lower case, bold font.  We have been unable to identify the exact font so far. Also unknown at this point is the reason for the change. My only thought is that the new font might be easier to see on TV.

Phoenix Coyotes Renamed Arizona Coyotes

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FFICE: It would appear that the name change will happen pretty quick though they are still officially the Phoenix Coyotes at this moment. The logos on the ice suggest that there will be a change sometime this season as they have removed the words "Phoenix Coyotes" from center ice.

New Arena Name On Ice For Florida

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FFICE: Florida has put in their ice and from a distance it may look similar to the previous year's ice, however a new arena name circles the center ice.

On September 5, 2012, I made a concept of what I thought center ice might look like. Apparently the Panthers had the same idea in mind as they come very close. View Concept - view Actual Center Ice.