Monday, August 23, 2010
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  1. Winnipeg's goal horn is terrifying.

  2. San Jose = another flattened duck. and Washington you have to get rid of that stupid ass siren. whose hair brained idea was it to have a horn and siren going off simultaneously? Again lame. But what do you expect from our nations capital lol

  3. How do you know the Boston Bruins current goal horn is just a recording? When I went to the Bruins Game with the new Kahlenberg model KM-135 sound, the horn did sound louder than the music. Is it just programmed so the arena speaker are pushed to maximum levels while the goal horn audio clip is playing to give the allusion that the horn really does exist? How about the bruins use a real horn, but use an old horn on one of the old single level commuter rail cab cars once scrapped and replaced with the new cars.

  4. Hi,
    Your horn blog is great! Thanks for publishing it. I am a horn "historian" of sorts and thought I would add a little info on any horn unknown or missing info:

    Calgary: Buell plastic "Lifeguard" 4-chime horn-sets. (Now sold by Horn-blasters)

    Chicago: Kahlenberg Q3

    Detroit: Buell reed horn sets (These used high pressure reeds instead of diaphragms)

    Edmonton: Airchime 2-tone for truck usage

    Florida: Kahlenberg D2 x 2 (2 sets on 360° bracket)

    LA: Airchime K3, Canadian-voiced, bells, 1,2,3.

    Minnesota: Kahlenberg Q3

    Montreal: Airchime M3H - only two highest pitched bells blowing, lowest is fouled.

    NY Islanders: Kahlenberg T2

    Ottawa: Airchime M3H - Only bottom two bells blowing, third bell is fouled.

    Phoenix: Kahlenberg D2 x 2 (360° bracket)

    Pittsburgh: Airchime KMJ (!!) This is musically the prettiest!!

    Vancouver: 2 Airchime KM models (Bent bell-necks) and one K1L,2L,3L 3-chime which is well overridden by the former pair!!

    I hope this helps!!

    Fred Berry

  5. Vancouver has the toronto horn as one of their 5 horns.

  6. The Caps horn is up in the rafters right above/near the Georgetown NCAA Championship banner.

    Oh and uh Kurt, the siren is leftover from the old Capital Centre/USAir Arena days. When the team moved from Landover to Chinatown, the siren went with them. However, when Ted Leonsis bought the team, he introduced the horn with much fanfare but the longtime fans wanted the siren back instead. Ted wasn't going to back down on the horn he bought so that's why the Caps now have both a horn and a siren.

  7. Found 2 great videos that show behind the scenes looks on the horns in Vancouver and Edmonton



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