Teams Add Playoffs Logo To Ice

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Scottrade Center - Saint Louis Blues
Now that the playoffs are set, teams are laying down the playoff logos on the ice. Some people may be unaware of how this is done. Some may believe that teams must completely replace the ice to do this but that is not the case. In fact the process is not as hard as it might sound.

First the crew will send out the Zamboni (or ice resurfacing machine) to resurface the entire rink just as they would before any game or between periods. Then they go back to the area of ice where the playoff logo is to be added and shave off a small amount of ice in that area. Next several people layout the fabric logo in the spot where it will appear. It must be laid completely flat. The crew then sprays a light mist of water over the logo which freezes within seconds and seals the logo into place. After a few good mistings, the Zamboni returns to the ice to put a layer of water over the entire ice and to make sure everything is level and ready for action.

HP Pavilion - San Jose Sharks
Bell Centre - Montreal Canadiens

United Center - Chicago Blackhawks

TD Garden - Boston Bruins

Multiple Outdoor Games Next Season

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After having no outdoor game this year, the NHL plans to more than make up for it next season by scheduling 6 outdoor games. The first game on Jan 1 will be the actual Winter Classic between the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium. The other five events will be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, Yankee Stadium in New York, Soldier Field in Chicago and BC Place in Vancouver.

  • Toronto vs. Detroit at Michigan Stadium (Jan. 1)
  • Anaheim vs. Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium (Jan. 25)
  • New Jersey vs. N.Y. Rangers at Yankee Stadium (Jan. 26)
  • N.Y. Islanders vs. N.Y. Rangers at Yankee Stadium (Jan. 29)
  • Pittsburgh vs. Chicago at Soldier Field (March 1)
  • Ottawa vs. Vancouver at BC Place (March 2)

What I can't help but notice is that the Rangers have already been in a Winter Classic... you know the last one we had. Now they get to be in 2 more outdoor games. Ill save my rant for another day but at least the NHL is finally heading out west with outdoor games. Sooner or later they have to stop playing favorites.

At this point we do not know what these other events will be called so it is really hard to even begin any concepts but if you have any that you would like to see on an ice graphic on the concepts page, send them to and Ill ice them.

Mini-Rinks 2.0

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After introducing a slightly more detailed mini-rink design a month ago, I quickly stopped production on those so I could work on the finer details of the rinks such as the different crease and faceoff circle designs over the years. CF92 provided me with a great resource for ice markings over the years and I put together a new ice texture and board marking template to make these rinks the most detailed yet. I am even trying to incorporate arena specific lighting patterns if possible. I have posted mini-rinks for all of the Boston Bruins graphics. You can view them here.

You will notice that they have obviously fake in ice ads as well as board advertisements. I wanted to show when the teams got ice ads and board ads but it would be impossible to have accurate ads for every year, especially in the earlier years. I am considering releasing authentic logos on boards and ice for the current year however.

I will be uploading mini-rinks for more teams very soon!