Medicine Hat Arena Flooded

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The Saddledome was not the only sports arena to be hit by the recent Alberta floods. It has been reported that about 4 feet of water have entered the event level of the arena. The arena is currently being pumped out but the damage will be costly. Among the damaged was their Zamboni which will need some repairs. The Medicine Hat Arena is home to the Medicine Hat Tigers of the WHL. Here are some photos and a video from CTV Lethbridge.

Big Ice Changes Ahead For Dallas

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First, Dallas unveiled a new logo and identity for the team. Then the sponsor of their arena unveiled a new logo. One would assume that the new logo will end up on ice in some fashion. After several attempts to use the current layout of the text with the new lower case letters, I realized it would never look right on the bottom of the circle.

From there I moved on to a more common east and west layout for the text. I feel like there is a decent chance that the ice will look like this in the Fall.

Scotiabank Saddledome Flooded

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UPDATE:  The Calgary Flames President Ken King has been in the dome and has debunked the stories stating that the scoreboard was lowered at the time of the flood. It is above the flood level, however the effects of the humidity on the big board will be a mystery for some time.

According to Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun, The water has subsided somewhat from row ten of seats to row 8. There will be a press conference announced soon. He goes on to say that officials did their best to grab as many photos and other things from the dressing room before the flooding hit the Dome.

Photo by Calgary Flames

Photo By Calgary Flames

First picture from inside the Saddledome

Original Story: Reports are pouring in that the Saddledome has been flooded up to the 10th row of seats. Dressing rooms and all event level have been flooded. Also the scoreboard control room is reported to have been flooded. Also some conflicting reports saying the scoreboard might have been lowered and thereby destroyed by flood water. You can read the full report from TSN here, and below are some photos...check back for more photos as they become available!

Photo by @ernesthon

Photo by CoRD from HFBoards
Instagram: chelseamorgan
photo by: @jeffbeamish

Forgotten Anniversaries

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It is not uncommon to see anniversary logos on ice, but I thought it would be fun to take a look back at just some of the team's anniversary logos that never made it to center ice. What might they look like? Why didn't they paint it at center ice? Sometimes it is clear that they used good judgement in not using their celebratory logo at center ice. Let's take a look...

Atlanta Thrashers 2009

Atlanta didn't get too many chances to celebrate a big anniversary. I would hope that if they had, perhaps their anniversary logos would have gotten better over time. Practice makes perfect right? Thankfully this logo never made it to ice.

Boston Bruins 2005 

The Bruins 80'th anniversary was perhaps one of the most forgotten anniversaries of all. It would have taken place during the 2004/05 season which was scrapped by Gary Bettman.

Columbus Blue Jackets 2010 

Not the worst logo out there, but it just didn't fit a circle very well. Perhaps this was the consensus that led to the decision to keep the primary logo at center ice that year.

Los Angeles Kings 2007 
This seemed like a shame not to use at center ice, but the Kings seem to prefer to keep their primary logo at center ice, even on anniversary years.

New Jersey Devils 2007

I have to say, I like the anniversary logo a lot, however it just doesn't seem to fit the circle along with the arena text which lays inside the circle as well. Perhaps this would have worked if they would have moved the arena text to the outside.

Nashville Predators 2008 
If your center ice is already busy, it would sure be hard to add a busy anniversary logo to the mix.

Pittsburgh Penguins 1997 
In order to use this logo, they likely would have had to remove the arena name. Also, thats a lot of paint on the ice for the 1990's.

Saint Louis Blues 2002
Most of you are probably well aware that I am a huge Blues fan, but I have to admit, I am not a fan of this logo. However, on ice it looks a little better than just on its own.

If you guys like these concepts, I will try to follow up with some more in the future.

Senators Arena Gets New Name

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Scotiabank has chosen not to renew their naming rights contract, and Canadian Tire has signed on. The new name is reported to be Canadian Tire Centre.

This is the forth name in the history of the building in Ottawa. Previous names were Palladium, Corel Centre, and of course, Scotiabank Place. Scotiabank will remain the teams official bank sponsor, and at this time it is believed that Scotiabank will still retain naming rights to the Saddledome in Calgary.

Here is my prediction for what center ice might look like...

Coyotes Face Summer Of Suspense

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The story of the Phoenix Coyotes' troubles is not a new one. However it seems that it gets a new sequel every off-season. This time it could just be the final chapter: 'Happily Ever After' or 'The End'. The NHL has stated that time is running out, indicating they do not intend to own and operate this club much longer.

The Phoenix Coyotes are a product of the relocated Winnipeg Jets which was moved to the desert in the summer of 1996. They began playing in the America West Arena which was hardly a good setup for hockey, but it worked until they could get a new arena in 2003. While their performance in the early years was good, it was hard to sell hockey in the dessert and the attendance often suffered. In 2009, the team failed in several attempts to sell the team and found themselves in bankruptcy. Since then the NHL has been in control of the troubled team.

Poor view from seats on one end of the arena. - Photo courtesy of

Fast forward to the present, Gary Bettman has stated that the time for Glendale to decide on the teams future is now. While he will not give a deadline for a decision, he has made it clear that something will have to happen soon or the league will exercise other options. Those options are also not clearly stated and Bettman doesn't want to spark discussions of other options until they have exhausted all efforts to keep the Coyotes in Glendale.

“There are a myriad of options,” Bettman said in Chicago before the start of the Stanley Cup Final “Obviously we’ll have lots of choices, options and decisions. And at the time, if we get to that point, and hopefully we won’t, then we’ll focus on which one is the best.”

However, he knows as well as anyone that the discussions are already well underway among the media and NHL experts. We can assume that relocation is the most probable option for the NHL should Glendale fail to secure an arena lease and owner for the team. However, the Phoenix Business Blog suggests that there is a couple other options in the running. The Coyotes could become inactive for a season or even disband completely.

My gut tells me that relocation is imminent. I feel like a quick solution is unlikely now after years of failed talks. Most likely a move to Canada as there are several cities that are anxious to get a team. However Seattle is working on plans for a new NHL/NBA arena, so I am sure they would be happy to welcome the team.

At any rate, we still may not know much for a month or two and that could also hold up on the release of next season's schedule.

As always, I am interested in your thoughts on the the future of the Coyotes. Please feel free to comment below.

New Floor/Ice Plant For The Garden?

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With the third and final phase of the Transformation of Madison Square Garden in full swing, we have heard rumors that the historic arena could be getting a new ice plant and floor this summer as well. While this was not listed on the MSG Transformation website and to this date is still just a rumor, there may be some merit to it.

While reading through a message board that discusses the transformation, one person claims to have some insider info...
"It's not a rumor - unfortunately, I do not have a link to show this, but our firm has been working with Turner since Phase One and I have been on and off at the site since then. The entire floor is being chopped out, all piping is being replaced, and the entire ice plant is being replaced. It will be a brand new system when all is said and done. If the season ends tonight, work will begin overnight on clearing out Owner Occupied Spaces and the building is turned over to us tomorrow morning. As soon as I can get pictures up this summer, I will." - IslandXtreme26
While we have no proof at this point that the ice floor will in fact be replaced, there are a couple points in its favor.

A) The ice has had poor ratings and negative feedback from many players.

B) In the screen grabs from the construction camera, you can see that there is no protection on the concrete floor unlike the previous two phases.

It would seem that they do not feel the need to protect the floor this time around so perhaps it is going to be replaced. At any rate, we may not know for awhile. What do you think?  Feel free to comment below!

Hurricanes Unveil New Jerseys

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First impressions:

  • Nice to see a more traditional style. 
  • I feel like I have seen them somewhere before. Very close to Phoenix and Detroit in several aspects. 
  • Home/road jerseys do not match. 
That being said, they are a nice change from what they had before!

Tornado Hits STL Area Arena

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Photo by Fox2News
The violent weather that has rocked the midwest this past couple of weeks has damaged another hockey arena. This time it was the Family Arena in St. Charles near St. Louis, MO. The arena was in the path of a tornado which at times reached speeds that classified it an EF3. Reports say that the arena had roof damage and damage to an exterior wall. While I have yet to see any photos or evidence of roof damage, the hole in the wall is very real and very bad. The hole opens directly over the main concourse which flooded as a result. A local high school graduation was scheduled to take place on Saturday but those plans were cancelled due to the damage.

The Family Arena will be the home of St. Charles' new Central Hockey League team, the Chill. They begin playing this fall.

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Photo by @Lmac23