CF92 Builds Us A Scoreboard

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CanuckFanatic92 has been at it again. This time he has created a scoreboard that features out site all over the board. He used the old Kiel/Savvis Center scoreboard because of my love for the St. Louis Blues. I thought it was so cool and wanted to show it off, so here it is...

Be sure to check out all of his NHL scoreboards at

New Arena For Red Wings in 2017

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The Michigan board has given approval for a new downtown arena for the Red Wings. A state board on Wednesday unanimously gave the go-ahead for a new Red Wings hockey arena in downtown Detroit to be paid for in part with $284 million in tax dollars even as the broke city works through bankruptcy proceedings.

Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch has long wanted a replacement for the 32-year-old Joe Louis Arena located a few miles away. The new complex would be close to the Lions' Ford Field and Tigers' Comerica Park near Interstate 75 and Woodward Avenue.

Under the plan, the authority would own the arena and event center complex. The Red Wings' owner would have exclusive rights to use, manage and operate it, and hold naming rights.

Olympia Development, owned by Ilitch and his wife, said the funding split for comparable major sports complexes in other cities in the past decade has averaged 75 percent public and 25 percent private.

Construction of the arena is anticipated to be done by 2017. It's also expected to host other entertainment events. No design has been made public.

Here is the approximate location of the new arena site:

What If Word-marks Were On Ice?

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The NHL has had a habit of putting NHL Faceoff logos on the ice past the blue lines each year for the first week of the season. These logos seem rather pointless, but they do prove that the NHL does not consider logos in this area to be a distraction. So I had a thought, what if teams could replace those pointless logos with their team word-mark, all year long? (Or at least during regular season until the Playoffs logos come out.) Here are a few examples of what that might look like. Just a little extra team flavor added to the ice.

Center Ices In Video Games - Part 1

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Introducing part one of a lengthy series that compares center ice designs that appear in video games to their real life counterpart. Thanks to a lot of help from CF92 and Cory, a lot of hunting and capturing has been done to make this project possible. Each part will breakdown the graphics from a single game and show off the success and failures of each recreation with a simple graphic. As the years progress I will likely do more nit-picking as in theory, the details should be more accurate as years go by and technology advances.

The Shark Tank Officially Renamed

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Today the HP Pavilion was officially renamed in a ceremony held at the arena. It will now be known as SAP Center at San Jose, though most people will still refer to it as the Shark Tank. 

The interesting thing is that the arena has had a technological based name since it first sold its naming rights.  First it was the Compaq Center at San Jose and then HP Pavilion, both brands of computers, the latter buying out the former. Here is my predictions of what center ice might look like. I have to say that I hope they are more creative than I am because I can't find a way to make their center ice look good with this name.

Forgotten Anniversaries Part 2

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Philadelphia Flyers 2002 

No surprise that this logo never made the ice. They have such an iconic primary logo, yet they through a couple numbers in a randomly determined font behind it. 

Pittsburgh Penguins 2002 
One of the most classy logos I have seen, and while it may not have been made with center ice in mind, it doesn't look half bad. I feel this was a missed opportunity.

Saint Louis 2007
I think this logo might only work if they toned down the colors just a bit. Maybe match the logo blue to the 'blue line' blue.

Toronto Maple Leafs 1977
Going way back now to a time where they surely would not use this much paint on the ice. Still, this is a pretty solid looking anniversary logo if used at center ice. Wouldn't it have been nice?

Vancouver 2000
After seeing the bright and perhaps too colorfully bold Blues anniversary logo, we move on to this. Although they used the Canucks color scheme at the time, perhaps it was not as effectively used as it could have been. I would imagine this logo at center ice would have appeared to dark and hard to see on TV. With a few color adjustments, this could have looked pretty cool.

Saddledome Restoration

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Shortly after the flood waters receded, restoration at the dome was underway. They cancelled some concerts that were supposed to take place this week but the Flames organization insists that the arena will be ready for the Flames home opener. Click here to view our photo compilation from all over the web of Saddledome flood and restoration photos.

Coyotes Avoid Relocation Again

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In what seems like a broken record, the Coyotes will again avoid moving north. In a Glendale City Council meeting last night, members voted 4-3 to approve the new arena lease for the Coyotes. One change that we all knew would happen eventually is that they will be renamed the Arizona Coyotes. This should not change the center ice design as they already removed the "Phoenix Coyotes" word mark for the shortened 2013 season.

While Coyotes fans are relieved, this does beg one really big question. If they couldn't make money before, how will they make money now?

Summer Ice In Carolina

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The Carolina Hurricanes are ready for the Fall... I mean Summer. Just a couple months after removing their ice after failing to make the playoffs, new ice has been made. It is all part of the upcoming Carolina Hurricanes Summerfest which will include scrimmages with the rookies and draft picks and the week will wrap up with a game and skills competition.

Perhaps what is most interesting to me about this is how they painted the ice with advertisements and everything as if it were for the hockey season, and most notably, the red line has changed. Could this be a hint at what the ice will look like this fall? Are the black squares not only gone from the sweaters but also the red line? Did they just not want to spend the time on the red line for one week of use?

All probably good questions and ones that we wont get answers to until this fall, but I tend to think the red line was designed to match the new home jersey's stripes.

Goodbye Big Red

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 Sunday's draft party held at BB&T Center was your last opportunity to see the old scoreboard in action. Today it is being dismantled piece by piece. It was one of the few 1990's boards left in professional hockey. This fall the Panthers will have a brand new state of the art scoreboard for fans to enjoy.

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