Concepts: Think Outside The Circle

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I thought I would switch things up a bit with this concept post. Pretend for a moment that logos do not have to stay inside the center circle. These were designed with humor and creativity in mind, but who knows, maybe you will like one or two of them...

MSG Transformation Updates - Part 2

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10/21/13: Some new information about the scoreboard from @StacyAlbano: The main boards are 15.7ft by 28ft and the upper ring is 6ft by 29ft.

10/14/13:  The scoreboard continues to grow. They have added a new ring to the top with the arena name on it. I think this was a nice touch!


The size of the scoreboard is massive, and now you can see just how large it really is!

10/7/13: Upper ring of the scoreboard is now working. Knicks floor is being layed down and shined.

10/1/13: Here is the new scoreboard in action! Thanks to @StacyAlbano for the photo.

9/30/13: The scoreboard is functioning! It wont be too long now before the ice goes in.

9/20/13: The plastic tarps are coming off of the seats and crews are working on the upper LED ring of the scoreboard.

9/14/13: We are still waiting to see exactly what that piece around the bottom of the scoreboard is going to be. My guess is a power ring above the scoreboard.



9/8/13: This has to be the slowest scoreboard construction project in a long time. It doesn't help that they had to stop work on it for a while so that the new arena floor could be constructed.

8/29/13: Scoreboard construction continues now that the concrete has had a chance to harden. Can't wait to see the end result!

8/22/13: More work on the bridges. The floor is covered with plywood and work continues around the perimeter.

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Center Ices In Video Games - Part 3

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It is time for part three of a lengthy series that compares center ice designs that appear in video games to their real life counterpart.

 You can view the rest of the series here.

This time around we will fast forward to the most recent NHL release, NHL 14 by EA Sports. It was released on September 10th. Keep in mind that at the time of it's production, they did not know what the 2013/14 ices would look like.