Remember The Blue Ice Experiment?

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Remember that time way back in 2005, during the lockout, when the concept of a blue ice rink came up? The idea behind it was to make the game more friendly for television, particularly high-definition TV. Along with the obvious blue tint, the blue lines would become orange, and the red line would become blue. The lines would also be thicker, which along with the color changes, would make it easier for officials to make quick and accurate calls on the ice.

Obviously this idea never went very far. The HSBC Arena in Buffalo gave it a try and it was used for an AHL game that was played there that season. Perhaps you are wondering why I bring up this old story in 2013...

I wanted to see what it might look like today had the new ice went into effect. The results are actually quite awful and further convinces me that they made the right call. Never-the-less, I thought I would share some of the possibilities with the Frozen Faceoff Community.

TD Garden Quietly Upgrades LEDs

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Usually arenas upgrade their technology during the off-season and a press-release gets the fans all hyped up. Boston had other ideas in mind though. It would appear that the Bruins removed the lower 360 'old school' signage during short break between preseason and the home opener to the 2013/14 season. For the first few games a bare wall with brackets could be seen where the old back-lit signs were once hung in a continuous circle around the arena bowl.  It likely went less noticed due to the fact that the Garden already had one LED ribbon board one level up. Now the Bruins are sporting a brand new second LED ribbon board that wraps around both sides of the arena, stopping only for the out of town scoreboards on the ends.

Old advertising panels have been removed.

'Old school' back-lit ad panels circling the arena prior to October 2014.

Habs Subtle Red Line

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I missed this red line change in my initial attempt at the Canadiens' 2013/14 season center ice graphic. I thought it was the same as last year but in fact, they changed it to a much more subtle primary logo pattern. This year the logo is red, just like the red line. We only know it is there thanks to a small white border around the edges. Personally I think they should have went with a solid red line or back to last year's design. I am watching my Blues play there right now and you can barely even tell they have a design on their red line on TV.  What do you think?  Click here to view 2014 center ice graphic.

The Impossible Red Line

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Well this is one ice that I will never be able to re-create to 100% accuracy. That is because the Manchester Monarchs came up with the most clever and unique red line design I have ever seen. The players teamed up with Make-A-Wish New Hampshire to paint the red line without the use of brushes. Instead the red line is filled with children's hand prints who got to visit the arena and the players while the ice was in the painting process.

Below is a recreation of the ice though the hand-prints are obviously not going to be authentic.