2013 Year In Review

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It was a busy year for us at Frozen Faceoff. Though we have been around for two and a half years, this year was a new page for the site as we took on more leagues and more projects than ever before. Here is a look at some highlights.

We started the year with a brand new logo which used an existing font but was re-branded with red line red and blue line blue. A new emblem was introduced that incorporated a face-off dot with the sites initials. In August the old font was replaced with a more modern font.

This year the site was expanded to include some new leagues and even got a new section devoted to college ices. This was one of the top requested features from our site survey.

We also introduced a new type of graphic to our site this year. The full rink graphics complete with authentic board and on ice ads, and even arena lighting. We hope to have many more of these in the future!

Finally I want to thank all of our viewers for their comments, suggestions, and frequent site visits. Frozen Faceoff would be nothing without you! Also I want to thank Cory and CF92 for their dedicated work to help improve accuracy around the site as well as research and develop numerous graphics. Without them this site would not half but a forth of the graphics that it currently has.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what the new year brings!

Kids Paint The Ice

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On December 29th the Stockton Thunder hosted the inaugural “Kids Take Over Stockton Arena Night”. Hundreds of kids were invited to showcase their artistic talent by painting on the actual Stockton Arena ice surface. Some players even joined in for this rare event.

Their artwork will be displayed (and played upon) during the “WE PAINT the Ice Night” on Friday, January 3rd vs. the San Francisco Bulls.

Winter Classic Ice Updates

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I will be posting some shots from the NHL.com live Winter Classic Camera to keep us all up to date on the ice painting progress inside Michigan Stadium.  Keep checking in!

Here is the freshly painted ice. If anyone can help determine what that is at the center ice dot, I can finish the Winter Classic graphic and post it in no time!

12/28/14 3:47pm cdt

12/27/14 9:59 pm cdt- via

12/27/14 9:36 pm cdt

12/27/14 5:44 pm cdt

What Does The Ref Say?

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Recently the Charlotte Checkers had an idea to show what it is like to be a ref in the AHL.

Referee David Banfield wears a GoPro helmet cam, giving an up close and personal look at what happens on the ice during a game. The video was shot during the annual Teddy Bear Toss game on Dec. 7, 2013, with the help of microphones on both Banfield and linesman Paul Carnathan, and was produced by the Checkers.

Past & Present Mashup

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A few months ago our team had this idea of combining elements of old center ice designs with today's rules and logos. We wanted to see what the center ices might look like today if teams were still playing in their old arenas, yet still show the progression of ice format changes. Here is we came up with...

NHL Section Refresh

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You may have noticed some NHL graphics are brighter and more crisp now on the NHL section of the site. This is part of a site wide project to make the ices look more like what they would under professional venue lighting. The bonus to that is they also display better when browsing through all the thumbnails. Right now the 2014 ices are all new, and I am working on updating all the teams but this will take some time. Additionally we are trying to include other details such as the 50 foot neutral zone dating back to the lockout, the 54 foot neutral zone from 1998 to 2004 and the 58 foot neutral zone prior to 1998.

After the NHL section is done, I do intend to update other sections of the site as well.

Here is the current progress. I will do my best to keep this updated though it will not always appear at the top of the page unless there is a major update to announce.

NHL Teams Left To Complete
All Star Game
Hartford Whalers

New Edmonton Arena Concepts

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A new arena is coming to downtown Edmonton in 2016, and now that arena has a name. Rogers Communications has purchased the naming rights for the future home of the Edmonton Oilers. It will be called Rogers Place.

The announcement comes on the heels of a new 12-year, $5.2-billion media rights agreement between the Rogers and the NHL. The deal, which is the largest in NHL history, gives Rogers national rights to all NHL games on all of its platforms in all languages.

Our thanks to Jacob New for pointing us to this story and suggesting we make some concepts for the new arena.  Here we go...

Forgotten Anniversaries Part 3

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It is not uncommon to see anniversary logos on ice, but I thought it would be fun to take a look back at just some of the team's anniversary logos that never made it to center ice. What might they look like? Why didn't they paint it at center ice? Sometimes it is clear that they used good judgement in not using their celebratory logo at center ice. Let's take a look at part 3 of this series...  (also view Part 1 and Part 2)