Detroit Arena Renderings Released

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If all goes well, the Red Wings could be playing in a sparkling new arena in 2017. There are many hurdles left to clear but things are progressing finally. The organization released renderings of the new arena and its surrounding neighborhood. The arena design itself looks unlike anything anyone could have imagined for the Red Wings. Many people expected some sort of throwback look to the Olympia, but what they are proposing will leave all since of the word 'traditional' in the dust.

Click here to view the District Detroit Media kit for more information and renderings.

New Goal Horn Section Now Open!

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As a hockey fan, we all notice the goal horns at games. They can accompany the greatest excitement for a hockey fan, or the greatest disappointment if you are rooting for the away team. Every NHL arena has one... or do they??? I have spent the last couple years compiling bits and pieces about as many horns as possible. You would think I would have much more info than this on them over that amount of time, but it turns out that many teams and arenas are not too eager to give out too much information about their game entertainment center piece. Most teams responded to me with at least a little information. To those teams I am very thankful! There are a few teams that failed to respond to any of my emails, and I must say that I was quite surprised and disappointed at their public relations practices.  Now we have a new section devoted to goal horns and we have some new information and photos!

First of all here are a few fun facts about goal horns:

  • Chicago was the first team to use a goal horn back in the 70's. 
  • In 1996, the NHL responded to the use of goal horns with a new set of rules regarding horns and music and when and how loud they could be played.
  • Two NHL teams currently use a recording of a goal horn rather than using a real horn. One of those teams will be discussed in part 1, the other in part 2.
  • Most of the leagues goal horns live up in the rafters, many of them out of sight. 
  • Several teams have horns that were originally on a vessel. 
  • In most cases, goal horns are NOT triggered by the controls that run the scoreboard. They are in no way tied into that system. 
  • Many teams that relocate to a new arena will bring their old goal horn along with them.
Ok, enough with that! Time to check out our new goal horn section! CLICK HERE

Also you can access the new section from the homepage by selecting Features, and then clicking on NHL Goal Horns.