Scoreboards By The Numbers

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite team's scoreboard compares to those around the league? Well those questions are now. Check out our NHL Scoreboard Infographic which compares the sizes of all of the 30 arena's main replay boards from this past season. I will also add one for next season once the new scoreboards have been unveiled.

A New Look For Frozen Faceoff

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Welcome to our new and improved site! On the surface it may just look like a few tweaks but there are actually several new things that comes with this launch, as well as some more exciting things down the road.

First lets start with the most obvious change. The old faceoff dot logo we have been using for a few years has gotten a a completely new look while still representing what we are all about. The old logo was quite popular actually but I felt it was time to modernize and simplify.

First News About NHL 16 Includes Presentation Elements

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I know many people have no interest in the presentation aspect of the game, and that is just fine. However, here at Frozen Faceoff, that is sort of what we are all about. So here is a quick look at some of the new features that we have heard are in thanks to a Game Changer on EA Sports' forums.

Fixing The Stars

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Welcome to a our continuing series as part of our month long celebration of our fourth anniversary. This series is similar to our concepts page, but focuses on how each of the NHL's thirty teams could improve upon their current center ice designs. Some teams could use a lot of work and for each team we will post 2-3 ideas for how they might improve their ice. Lets face it though, some teams already have a perfect center ice but to be fair we will still look at some alternate ideas. Please let us know which you prefer in the comments below, or let us know if you think it is perfect as is.

The Stars have gone through several different ice designs in their short history in Dallas. It seems like they are a team that is eternally trying to find their true identity. With a new logo, they seem to have made a statement everywhere except for the ice. The new logo simply replaced the old one on ice and they moved on. 

Overtime I have grown tired of their center ice and have come up with several different ways that might improve it. Others are simply unique. Take a look at a few and see what you think.

Option 1: A throwback to the early days of the Dallas Stars. A green center circle and the primary inside.

Option 2: Texas is a big state... how about a BIG Texas look to grace center ice?

Option 3: They made a circle logo as an alternate, so how would that look at center ice?

Option 4: I'm sure there are several of you who would much rather keep the ice as is. 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Graphics Upgrade In Progress

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2015 has already been a year of improving for this site. We started out the year with a new full rink template and now it is time for another change that is long overdue.

For several years we have posted center ice graphics with the most realistic looking ice textures we could create. They have worked well for us but after much thought, there will be some changes. This site has always been primarily focused on the center ice designs throughout the history of NHL teams. In an effort to improve this focus, we will be slowly rolling out new graphics to replace the existing ones. They will still have an ice texture, but now that texture will not distort the images as much, or distract from the overall design. Below are some before (left) and after (right) examples of the changes. Special thanks to CF92 for helping me out with this project!

Playoff Exit Ice Graphics

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Its always tough to see your favorite team eliminated in the playoffs. Its also tough to see pictures of your team's ice being removed for the season. Well we can't stop them from melting your ice, but we can help you remember what it looked like after the final game.

Here are some post game ices, complete with extra snow and skate marks just like you would see after a hard fought game.

Round 2 Eliminations

Round 1 Eliminations