Un-United Center

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Every year in EA Sports NHL games, a few arenas decide to not sign the waiver to allow their arena likeness or name in the game. The past few years, the United Center in Chicago has not cooperated with the NHL series despite allowing both 2k and EA Sports to use their name in NBA games. We have reached out, using multiple methods, for a response and have been ignored every single time. Great PR! There is not a lot of time left for United Center to make the right call and sign the papers for NHL 16 but there is some. Lets all show them just how important it is!

Head over to twitter and post this graphic! Be sure to tag @United @UnitedCenter and #Blackhawks #NHL16

Having troubles thinking of a tweet? Doesn't have to be fancy. We just need to get their attention

How about this...
@United @UnitedCenter We want the #Blackhawks arena in #NHL16!

Avalanche Anniversary

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The Colorado Avalanche have unveiled their 20'th Anniversary logo to be used next season, so of course it is time to see what it would look like if they paint it at center ice.

As with many anniversary logos, this one is going to need some modification to make it work at center ice and even with those changes, it still does not work well. It creates a lot of reading and distraction at center ice. I would imagine the Avalanche will choose to keep the center ice design the same as it has been with the primary logo filling the circle. For fun though, lets take a look...

AHL Unlikely Concepts

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Due to popular demand, I am posting some concepts for the upcoming debut of 2 AHL teams who will be sharing home arena's with an NHL team. I did not include these in the AHL Expansion post because these seem very unlikely unless their NHL affiliates are knocked out of the post season. Even then, its hard to say what the arena's would do with the ice. We have seen it before with the Edmonton Oil Kings and Calgary Hitmen of the Canadian Hockey League, so it can't be ruled out. Some people are speculating that the Jets and Flames will share their ice space with their AHL affiliates all season long, but I would be shocked to see that happen.

Anyway, here is what it MIGHT look like IF they decide to give the AHL some ice time.

AHL Western Expansion Concepts - Added IceCaps

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With the announcement of the 5 re-locations set to take place in the 2015/16 AHL season, speculation began immediately regarding names, logos and venues for the new teams. Of course for us, this means 5 brand new center ice designs will be coming this fall. This post will contain concept designs for the 5 teams. First up are the San Diego Gulls and Ontario Reign. More will be posted as logos and details are released.

Fixing The Lightning

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Welcome to a our continuing series as part of our month long celebration of our fourth anniversary. This series is similar to our concepts page, but focuses on how each of the NHL's thirty teams could improve upon their current center ice designs. Some teams could use a lot of work and for each team we will post 2-3 ideas for how they might improve their ice. Lets face it though, some teams already have a perfect center ice but to be fair we will still look at some alternate ideas. Please let us know which you prefer in the comments below, or let us know if you think it is perfect as is.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are next on our fix list. They have a solid ice design now that they have a new logo without a word mark hovering over it. The old logo never seemed to look right no matter how it was positioned. Now with a very simple logo, the center ice looks pretty clean, but lets see what could be done with it.

Option 1: Roundels always look interesting at center ice, though not always in a good way. While in this case it looks nice as a graphic, I bet on a real ice surface it would look too noisy and make the puck hard to see. 

Option 2:  Here is a concept that looks like it was made in the early 1990's. It sports two logos and the word mark.  As an ice designer, I typically am not a fan of this style, but I think it works well for this logo.

Option 3: Here is the current center ice. After all is said and done, I have to say, the current one looks best.