Little Caesars Arena

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We have speculated for months but today the Red Wings made their new arena's name official. The team will in fact play in the Little Caesars Arena. We knew it was a good possibility given the fact that the Red Wings owners also own the Little Caesars brand. The team also took away our chance to further speculate what center ice might look like when the Wings make the move. They unveiled the design for that as well.

Of course fans from all over the league are mocking the new arena name. Below are a few of the humorous comments and photos that we have seen.

Panthers New Logo Leaked

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We already had a pretty good idea of what to expect after a team representative gave away almost every detail in a description on social media. Now, we also have a probable leak that fits the description. So of course, as is our custom, lets take a look at this new logo at center ice.

What do you think? Let us know if this is an improvement or a downgrade in the comments below.

2017 AHL All Star Logo

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The AHL has released it's logo for next season's all-star event. This logo was less impressive than we had hoped, but then again its hard to beat the logo that was created for the Utica Comets a few years ago. It is what it is though so lets take a look at what we predict to see at center ice.

Nassau Closed One Year Ago

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To commemorate the one year anniversary of the final game held at the Nassau Coliseum, one of our fans suggested we upload the coliseum's scoreboard to our scoreboard archive. A great idea, so we uploaded not one but 4 old Nassau Coliseum scoreboards to the site. Check them out here!

Five Frozen Years

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It was five years ago that a little site called Frozen Faceoff got its start. At the time it was nothing more than the current year's NHL center ice graphics. Over time Cory Gibson and CF92 came along and helped transform the site into a vast archive of center ices. Fast forward to present day and we now have every NHL center ice in the history of painted ices, plus ice graphics for the AHL and more leagues.

This year was a big year for us as we started our scoreboard section and welcomed CF92's scoreboard work to the site. You will be seeing much more of his work very soon.

Also this year we welcomed Justin and Chris on board to start a podcast for Frozen Faceoff. They have recorded four episodes at this time and will have more coming throughout the playoffs.

Finally, what better way to celebrate five years of work than with a brand new homepage to better display all that we do. Hopefully you will find this change to be an improvement in design and functionality. We used to have five posts on the homepage that led to a lot of scrolling and page turning at times when there were a lot of new posts. Now you will find everything categorized and the all the latest news, podcasts, and updates will be right at your fingertips.

Thank you to all of our followers and subscribers for five great years, and here's to another great year ahead!

Four Teams To Celebrate 50th.

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Next season four teams will celebrate their 50th anniversary in the league, and they will all do some with special logos. Some would certainly argue that the Kings and Blues did not really work too hard on their logos, and I would have to agree with that. It is often a somewhat common occurrence to see these logos painted at center ice for the season, so what might that look like? Here are 4 predictions:

Red Wings Bad Idea

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While we still do not know the name of the future Red Wings arena, the Ilitch organization has apparently already give it a nickname.

Olympia Entertainment recently aquired two trademarks for the arena. "The Baddest Bowl" and "The Baddest Bowl in Hockey". Their applications show that either phrase can be applied to a wide range of athletic pursuits: pro hockey games, basketball games, ice-skating competitions, curling, wrestling, boxing, martial arts, track and field, gymnastics, tennis, weightlifting and indoor football.

As construction progresses, it will be interesting to see what comes of this "Bad Bowl".

Red Wings Playoffs Ice Design

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Outside of their 75th anniversary season in 2001, the Red Wings have had the same overall center ice design since 1997 with only small variations in the text around the circle. All of that changed with their 25th consecutive appearance the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. The new look contains a special logo to commemorate the milestone and an unusual font choice for the arena name. The font is not that of the Joe Louis Arena, but rather the font used for the Detroit Red Wings offical worn.

We have recreated the design below:

New Jersey Devils 2016 Correction

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We didn't even noticed the subtle change in the Devil's ice change this season until it was over. Thanks to Jet Ice for pointing out a change in the arena name. Previously the word-mark was in the same color as the Prudential brand but this year they went with black text to compliment the Devils' colors.

Farewell Rexall Place (Scoreboard Video)

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The Oilers have ended their long run at the Rexall Place and next season will begin play in their brand new downtown Edmonton arena. They celebrated the final game with a long evening of festivities. We decided it would not be right to not have a video of the Rexall Place scoreboard on our site so here is a short tribute video on the Rexall Place board.