Pepsi Center Scoreboard - End View

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The Pepsi Center scoreboard is currently the largest scoreboard in the league with two sides stretching the length of the neutral zone. However the view from the end seats is quite different as the boards are much smaller. Never the less, still a great looking board. For more Pepsi Center scoreboard graphics and information click here.

Adirondack Thunder And All Star Classic

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The Adirondack Thunder made our jobs pretty easy this year. They recently posted their center ice design for the upcoming season on twitter. They also confirmed that this ice will be used for the whole season.

Arizona Coyotes 2016 Summer Camp

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The Coyotes may play in the desert, but even summer can't keep the ice away. The team is holding summer development camp at the Gila River Arena, and a fresh slab of ice is down and in use. The ice is missing one component from last season; the "Glendale Arizona" text on the sides of the circle. Is this a peak at next season's look or did they just not feel like painting all those little letters for an ice surface that will likely be gone within a couple weeks? Either one seems plausible.

Penguins Home Ice

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The Penguins practice rink has a new paint job and it all but confirms our prediction that the Penguins will be going with their 50th anniversary logo at Consol Energy Center as well.

What we did not anticipate was the slight modifications that were made to the logo. The ends of the ribbon were cut off to make it fit the center circle better. Below is our recreation of the practice rink center ice as well as our updated prediction for the Penguins home arena.

Rogers Place Nearing Completion

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With the off season in full effect right now, the Oilers will soon move into their brand new arena. The Rogers Place is nearly finished. The scoreboard is up, the boards and glass are in and all that is left is cosmetic stuff. I have not been fond of some of the newer arenas built in the last few years, but it will be truly hard to dislike this state of the art facility.