World Cup of Hockey Goal Horns

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Usually at this time, the number one goal horn creator on YouTube would be enjoying a bit of rest before the busy NHL horn season begins. This year however, NHL Horns and Songs is busy brining you all the goal horns and songs from the World Cup of Hockey tournament being held at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Teams were able to pick their horn type (recording) and their goal song for the tournament. Check out the World Cup of Hockey playlist and follow his channel to keep up on all the newest horns and songs.

Blues Surprise With Fancy New Center Ice

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The Blues have not messed with their center ice design for many seasons. The last major change came in the Fall of 2009 when they switched to one large Blue Note. But with the 50'th anniversary season set to begin, the Blues opted for a very different look to celebrate this special milestone. You can see the full history of the Blues center ice designs here.

New Look For Stars Center Ice

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The Dallas Stars surprised everyone with a new look at center ice. They are going with the secondary roundel logo this season. They also modified their arena text around the ice. This is by far the best look the Stars have had on ice in recent years. Check out their full ice history here.

World Cup of Hockey Center Ice

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The World Cup of Hockey is back for the first time since 2004 and this time, every game will take place on the Air Canada Centre ice in Toronto. Check out the center ice design!

NHL 17 Center Ices - AHL

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Each year we look at the center ices in the annual installment of the EA Sports NHL franchise. Last year they set the bar so high with updates to the NHL center ices. This year I can already see that they have done a lot of work on the AHL, CHL and ECHL center ices as well. Lets take a look at the AHL ices we have seen in the game so far.

One possible solution to the empty space around the center circle would be some generic Albany Devils text. (see below)

 The Senators got rid of the arena text last season, but it may return for 2016/17.

The Lake Erie Monsters announced this summer they would become the Cleveland Monsters. No doubt a change on the ice will come, but at this point no one knows what it will look like.

The Griffins will no doubt use their new primary logo on the ice as EA has depicted. The team name text on the right seems to face a different direction every year so that is anyone's guess.

The Admirals are moving across the street. While I have not yet seen the new arena name on ice, it is possible EA got the inside scoop.

One possible solution to the empty area outside of the circle would be some generic team name text. (see below)

I think EA has done a better job recreating Rockford's center ice logo. We may need to do some work on ours.

Since gambling names can't appear in the game, EA did a nice job by using the arena's prior un-sponsored name. The center circle itself seems to be almost invisible. This can probably be fixed in one of the early patches.

EA had the HEB Center text ready to go before it ever hit the ice in real life!

We haven't seen the new logo on ice yet but of course they will update it to the new Leaf just as EA has done.

Another one where they couldn't use the real arena name, but they did a great job recreating the overall feel of the design.

We will be back with more center ices from NHL 17 soon!