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Friday, July 18, 2014

Wild's New Scoreboard Coming Soon

With the start of the 2014-15 Minnesota Wild season will come big change. That change will hang over center ice and stretch nearly to each blue line. The old scoreboard has already started to come down. The change in video board follows just over a year after the Nationwide Arena got a new board. That arena opened nearly the same time as Xcel Energy Center. Below is a rendering of the new scoreboard inside Xcel as well as the dismantling of the old scoreboard.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CF92 Has Added NBA Scoreboards To His Tumblr

 You may remember CF92 had recreated nearly all NHL scoreboards from the past and even a few current ones. If not you really need to check out his tumblr feed. Now he has ventured into the scoreboards that have hung over the hardwood courts of NBA history. Check out his tumblr to see his newest creations!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scoreboards Update: Graphics Needed!

If you haven't already checked out CF92's NHL Scoreboards, you are missing out on the incredible work of a talented graphic designer! He has recreated old scoreboards from every NHL team's past with incredible attention to the smallest detail. Hurry on over and check out his site, you wont be disappointed!

The future of this site is a bit uncertain as he hopes to move on to current NHL scoreboards. At this time he would like to reach out for some help on some hi-res graphics to put on the video screens. Here is an post from his site...

I plan on doing all 30 current NHL scoreboards but I will need help with these, because they simply do not look appealing if they just have a team logo slapped onto the graphic and I call it a day (it doesn’t work that way in today’s world!), in that case I already asked for help on The Breakaway but got no answers.
Below is an example of what is to come:

That doesn’t do much if it’s either turned off or just a gigantic ass Lightning logo slapped on there, right? 

If you are interested in helping create some hi-res graphics for these scoreboards, please follow this link to have him contact you with more information.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Photos Of Panthers New Scoreboard

Here are some photos of the Florida Panthers' new scoreboard at the BB&T Center. It was completed just days before the regular season home opener.

Where Is The Lower LED Ring?

I get this question so often that I thought I should address it in its own post. I'll start by saying that I have no inside information from The Garden or the Rangers, but here are my thoughts on the scoreboard.

It has come to the attention of many fans who have watched the three year transformation project unfold, that the scoreboard dose not match the renderings that were drawn up. While the concept of the scoreboard seems to follow the guidelines set by the renderings, whether they were supposed to or not, the board did turn out quite different. My gut tells me that the renderings were only to be a general idea of what the new scoreboard might look like. The renderings were drawn up nearly four years ago, and in that time there have been big changes in the scoreboard industry. At the time of the drawings, Carolina and Dallas were probably unveiling their new scoreboards. The latter was the most state of the art scoreboard in the league at the time. Who would have predicted at that time that we would have a scaled down version of the Cowboys Stadium scoreboard in an NHL arena. Obviously that style would be all wrong for MSG.

Top left photo from
Several years later, they opted for a few changes that included a much more rounded structure. Even the main video screens are in a somewhat circular setup. As for the lower ring... well it would block the view of a very important new aspect of the new scoreboard. There are four video screens inside the scoreboard to accommodate fans who are seated court-side or rink-side. They clearly took a lesson from Staples Center and the size of their board.  Below is a photo of how big the scoreboard is compared to the basketball floor.

While Staples Center still got away with a lower ring, The Garden doesn't have the same luxury of a great deal of working height, especially in the center portion of the arena. The current setup takes up a bit less vertical space, and the video board can be raised up inside the upper ring for minimal exposure during events where it is not needed.

What are your thoughts on the new scoreboard? Comment below...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Panthers Scoreboard Under Construction

@ShannonKB41 tweeted a photo of the ice being made. Above it hangs the partially constructed scoreboard.

UPDATE: Construction has begun on the frame for the new BB&T Center Scoreboard. The scoreboard will be ready in time for the Panthers home opener.

It's an announcement that Florida fans probably thought would never come. The Broward County Commission has voted to fund the new scoreboard which will be unveiled at the Panthers home opener for their 20th anniversary season this fall. That also opens up speculation about an anniversary logo at center ice but we will save that for another day.  The photo attached is a rendering of what they are planning however at this point a vender has not been selected.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pepsi Center Gets New Scoreboard

Photo update: 9/3/13: 
Photo by @TheAvsInsider

Update 8/29/13: Scoreboard has been turned on and is looking sharp, not to mention huge!

Update 8/22/13: New photo of the scoreboard. It looks like its almost done!
Photo by @dmac1043

Update 8/12/13: The new scoreboard is well under construction

Photo tweeted by team PA Annoucer Conor McGahey

UPDATE 7/15/13: The old scoreboard is coming down. The Avalanche tweeted this photo today from Pepsi Center

Original Story:
The team released this rendering of the new scoreboard that is currently being installed. The new scoreboard will be manufactured and installed by Daktronics of Brookings, SD, and will feature one of the largest square footage viewing areas of any indoor scoreboard currently used in the world. A new HD production control facility for the scoreboard is being installed by Diversified Systems of Santa Clara, CA and designed by WJHW. The scoreboard will contain four large screens—two will face the center seating areas, measuring approximately 27’ high by 48’ long, and two will face each end of the seating bowl, measuring approximately 21’ high by 25’ wide. The new display boards will contain over 8.5 million pixels in total. Fans seated along the center areas will face a 1080p full HD screen that stretches from 3-point line to 3-point line for basketball, and spans both blue lines for hockey. It seems to be a part of a growing trend for this new style scoreboard, where the sideline screens are much larger than the end zone screens. Could this be the new standard for sports arena scoreboards?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CF92 Builds Us A Scoreboard

CanuckFanatic92 has been at it again. This time he has created a scoreboard that features out site all over the board. He used the old Kiel/Savvis Center scoreboard because of my love for the St. Louis Blues. I thought it was so cool and wanted to show it off, so here it is...

Be sure to check out all of his NHL scoreboards at

Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye Big Red

 Sunday's draft party held at BB&T Center was your last opportunity to see the old scoreboard in action. Today it is being dismantled piece by piece. It was one of the few 1990's boards left in professional hockey. This fall the Panthers will have a brand new state of the art scoreboard for fans to enjoy.

Instagram @gravenger5

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Of Arena Upgrades

Summer is a quiet time for many NHL arenas around the country. The ice is melted and the hardwood is stacked on pallets backstage. Concerts are often main excitement that these facilities see during the off-season. However a few arenas over the next couple summers will be full of men with hard hats and some new technology.

Xcel Energy Center -Possible upgrades in Summer of 2013 or 2014.
The Wild organization are pushing for some upgrades to its 13 year old arena. Some of the key problems with that place is the aging technology of its equally old scoreboard which they can no longer buy parts for.  The screens are too small by today's standards and HD is on everyone's mind. They are also looking into replacing the over 18000 original seats which have only had some minor TLC over the years. Other upgrades include more restrooms and concession stands, wider concourses, and more backstage area. With funding and priority issues still being discussed, it is unlikely that they will get to make too many changes this off-season. [source]

BB&T Center - Summer of 2013
The BB&T Center have chosen a company to produce its next scoreboard which will be unveiled this fall in time for the Panthers home opener. Season ticket holders will get the first peak at the board at a ticket event prior to the start of the season. According to Panther Parkway, "The newly proposed scoreboard will be 30 x 40 feet and was designed by Anthony James Partners. This state-of-the-art project boasts one of the first pitched-forward, 360-degree continuous primary screens in professional sports." [source]

Pepsi Center - Unconfirmed
Rumors have been flying that the Avalanche will finally be upgrading their aging scoreboard this summer. The reports first surfaced in January which you can read here: [source] Since then all news of a new scoreboard has gone silent.

Madison Square Garden - Summer of 2013
Phase 3 of the transformation is set to begin very soon. This is the final phase of the multi-year renovation to the "Worlds Most Famous Arena" and it is reported to include a new scoreboard and bridges that will run near the catwalk over the seating bowl. [source]

Monday, May 13, 2013

CF92 Scores With Scoreboard Graphics

This picture is an actual photo of the scoreboard at Mellon Arena... right?  Well it could have fooled me but this is actually part of a graphic recreation of the scoreboard by our very own CF92 who has started his own site dedicated to scoreboard graphics from NHL's past and present.

He has always been very good on the ice graphics that he has contributed to this site, so it is no surprise that he has wowed us again with his keen eye for detail and accuracy. Head over to his new site to see the rest of this scoreboard and many more!

Also there is now a link in our navigation bar to CF92's site!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ancient Scoreboards In The NHL

Today I want to take a look at all the scoreboards in the NHL that have served their purpose and are overdue for replacement. We are seeing more and more HD scoreboards which makes them less surprising than the teams who still use 1990's technology.

 I couldn't tell you what Ducks fans think of their scoreboard, though I have heard it is not as bad as it appears on TV and in videos. This scoreboard is not exactly the original though the frame which everything sits in is the same. They swapped out the old boards and screens with some newer technology nearly a decade ago and in more recent years added an LED ring to the bottom. So, perhaps "ancient" is an overstatement, but by today's standard, it is behind the times. 

Note: they do have some pretty big video screens in the top ends of the arena to compliment their video system.


I am very surprised that the Avs are still using the original Pepsi Center scoreboard. 2000 technology that has seen virtually no upgrades since it was introduced. It was nearly identical to the original scoreboard in Air Canada Centre and the current on in Rexall Place. Toronto replaced that scoreboard a few years ago and Edmonton will have a new one when their new arena is built. One can only hope that by then, the Avs will get a new scoreboard.


The scoreboard is the second one The Joe has had, and is not ancient at all if you compare it to the rest of the arena. It has even seen the improvement of an HD video screen upgrade. However, like Anaheim, it is not fully digital and the size of the video screens are quite smaller than the league standard these days. Below is the first board when the Joe Louis Arena opened...


As I previously mentioned, Edmonton's scoreboard is likely seeing its last few years as a new arena is in the works. At one time their scoreboard had 4 straight LED boards above it but those have been removed and team banners have been put in their place. The current scoreboard is the forth one for the current arena. Below are the previous three... 

Thanks to CF92 for sending this rare shot!


The Panthers arena has had more names than you can imagine, but only one scoreboard. A couple years ago the scoreboard got a new paint job, which is not something you would think a scoreboard would need or get.  Their scoreboard is now red to reflect their new color scheme but paint alone can not update this massive 1990's piece of technology. There have been rumors of a new scoreboard and LED system the last couple years and even one concept that was revealed and then seemed to disappear soon after. Could this been in Florida's future?


The Wild are still on their first board. While its not the worst out there, the video screens are pretty small and the board is among the earliest of the digital scoreboard generation. Wouldn't be surprised to see a new one in the next three years. 

New York Islanders 

This is not their first scoreboard, and their current one is actually a heavily modified version of the third board they received. The top was removed and replaced with LED panels, as was the bottom part which shows the scores.  Even with these upgrades, it is still clear that this is one of the more outdated boards that was only helped with cheap updates. Below is the original two boards...

*Old scoreboard photos are from Check out his site! He has so many old photos of arenas from today and from the past!

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