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Comparison: 12 to 13 Center Ices

With a new season about to begin, and all 30 teams have installed their ice, it is time to look at this years changes. I will add my opinions about the changes and I would encourage others to do the same as well. You can post your thoughts in the comments below.

Boston Bruins
The Bruins have not been able to stick with a red line for more than one season since the last lockout. Somewhat ironic since before that they had the same red line for almost a decade. Well maybe it is because of the abbreviated season, or perhaps they are just giving up now, as they have gone with a solid red line. With a simple iconic and dark logo at center ice, I find a solid red line to look more natural. Good Call

Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo has tried to change their arena font to make it match the official arena brand. It is a pretty insignificant change to me and takes away some symmetry from the design. On the other hand, the word "CENTER" stuck out last year in its bold unmatching font. In my opinion it clashed with the "FIRST NIAGARA" font. Good Call

Calgary Flames 
I always liked the layout of the arena text in 2012 and frankly didn't see a need for a change.  It was also dissappointing to see another team go with the cliche red line consisting of its primary logo. This is a trend that is growing old fast due to its overuse in the league. Bad Call

Dallas Stars
It is well-known at this point that this will be the last season for the current Dallas Stars logo and jerseys. This is very welcome news, and though I am never too fond of anniversary logos at center ice, in this case I prefer it. We will likely never see the old Dallas Stars logo at center ice ever again. Good Call

Florida Panthers
Do the players even keep up with the name of their home arena anymore? So many changes and this time the on ice look is cleaner, though not as iconic as the BankAtlantic text. Now here is where I would expect to get some criticism, but I preferred the old arena text over the new. Bad call, though to be fair, they really didn't have a choice.

Montreal Canadiens
The Canadiens rarely change up their historic ice design, but last season they brought in a new look for the red line. It was nice to see a team incorporate their logo into the red line in a slightly different way, similar only to the Dallas Stars. However it was not very easy to see on TV and probably not to easy to make out in  the arena either. Perhaps that is why they changed it to follow the current overused white logo on red line theme. While it is easier to make out the tiny logos, I would prefer their 2012 design or even their older white  box pattern in the red line. Bad Call

New York Islanders 
Last year's anniversary logo actually looked pretty cool at center ice, but in my opinion, the special logo's appeal wears off on me before the season is up. Its always usually nice to see the primary logo return to center ice. Good Call

Ottawa Senators
Well what do you know, another teams trying to fit in with the cliche red line crowd.  Perhaps this is best compared to the cool kids table in high school that everyone wants to get to sit at, and those that can't despise them. Never-the-less, its nice to see the primary logo back at center ice. Good Call

Phoenix Coyotes
We don't know when they will be renamed the "Arizona Coyotes" so that is probably why the text around center ice was changed up for the first time since took over naming rights to the arena. Also good to see the primary back at center ice front and center. What is really unfortunate is that they had a one of a kind red line and gave it up for the red line cliche. The rest of the center ice makes up for it at least. Good Call

San Jose Sharks
Only one change this year, and that is obviously the arena text. Before it was subtle and classy. Now it is big, bold, and really takes attention away from the Sharks primary logo. It also does not seem to match any other HP Pavilion branding.  Bad Call

Tampa Bay Lightning
Like their new logo or not, it seems awfully early to take the new primary logo off of center ice for an anniversary logo. They also have changed up their red line which is less like the cliche but also very bizarre and off-center. Overall when I take a look at the 2013 ice, it is not very pleasing to the eye. Bad Call 

Vancouver Canucks
Ill keep this short and sweet. The Canucks rarely change up their red line. I wonder what prompted them to go with solid red. Bad Call 
Winnipeg Jets
They changed their red line to match the overused pattern of the primary logo, or part of it at least. However, this dosen't bother me since this red line is sort of a throwback to the 1996 Jets red line. Good Call 

There you have my thoughts, it is only fair to let you all chime it and agree or disagree. Please feel free to comment below...


  1. Gonna post the rest of them anytime soon? Would love to see the Rangers comparison

  2. I believe the others including the Rangers are exactly the same as last year. Nothing to compare then to.

  3. I believe the others including the Rangers are exactly the same as last year. Nothing to compare then to.