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Modernizing The Site

As the site continues to grow, as well as our audience, it seemed fairly important to make
sure the site no longer looks like it was designed in the 1990's. It served its purpose well, and the general layout for the ice graphics will remain very similar. I did't see any reason to change that as they seemed to be easy to view and loaded quickly. Things such as navigation have been changed as well as the entire layout of the landing page.

Previously the landing page had been an afterthought and I had attempted to transform a normal league ice graphic page into a news and home page. While it did function as that, I immediately began working on something fresher and more modern which led to a change all around the site. Not all of the sections will be transformed all at once but they all should be finished very soon. I hope you enjoy the new layout, and please keep in mind, there will likely be some glitches at first. Hopefully those will be worked out very soon!

League page before and after.

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