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Ancient Scoreboards In The NHL

Today I want to take a look at all the scoreboards in the NHL that have served their purpose and are overdue for replacement. We are seeing more and more HD scoreboards which makes them less surprising than the teams who still use 1990's technology.

 I couldn't tell you what Ducks fans think of their scoreboard, though I have heard it is not as bad as it appears on TV and in videos. This scoreboard is not exactly the original though the frame which everything sits in is the same. They swapped out the old boards and screens with some newer technology nearly a decade ago and in more recent years added an LED ring to the bottom. So, perhaps "ancient" is an overstatement, but by today's standard, it is behind the times. 

Note: they do have some pretty big video screens in the top ends of the arena to compliment their video system.


I am very surprised that the Avs are still using the original Pepsi Center scoreboard. 2000 technology that has seen virtually no upgrades since it was introduced. It was nearly identical to the original scoreboard in Air Canada Centre and the current on in Rexall Place. Toronto replaced that scoreboard a few years ago and Edmonton will have a new one when their new arena is built. One can only hope that by then, the Avs will get a new scoreboard.


The scoreboard is the second one The Joe has had, and is not ancient at all if you compare it to the rest of the arena. It has even seen the improvement of an HD video screen upgrade. However, like Anaheim, it is not fully digital and the size of the video screens are quite smaller than the league standard these days. Below is the first board when the Joe Louis Arena opened...


As I previously mentioned, Edmonton's scoreboard is likely seeing its last few years as a new arena is in the works. At one time their scoreboard had 4 straight LED boards above it but those have been removed and team banners have been put in their place. The current scoreboard is the forth one for the current arena. Below are the previous three... 

Thanks to CF92 for sending this rare shot!


The Panthers arena has had more names than you can imagine, but only one scoreboard. A couple years ago the scoreboard got a new paint job, which is not something you would think a scoreboard would need or get.  Their scoreboard is now red to reflect their new color scheme but paint alone can not update this massive 1990's piece of technology. There have been rumors of a new scoreboard and LED system the last couple years and even one concept that was revealed and then seemed to disappear soon after. Could this been in Florida's future?


The Wild are still on their first board. While its not the worst out there, the video screens are pretty small and the board is among the earliest of the digital scoreboard generation. Wouldn't be surprised to see a new one in the next three years. 

New York Islanders 

This is not their first scoreboard, and their current one is actually a heavily modified version of the third board they received. The top was removed and replaced with LED panels, as was the bottom part which shows the scores.  Even with these upgrades, it is still clear that this is one of the more outdated boards that was only helped with cheap updates. Below is the original two boards...

*Old scoreboard photos are from Check out his site! He has so many old photos of arenas from today and from the past!

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