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Future Of Ice Regulations (Predictions)

Over the years the ice rinks have changed a lot, mostly due to NHL restrictions on what can be painted where. In the good ol' days teams could paint the ice pretty much however they wanted so long as they kept the main markings intact. Of course back then, intact was more of a loose term that would simply mean that you could still enforce the game of hockey even if there were some slight obstructions. While this leniency was wonderful for creativity, the NHL wanted to keep the ice looking clean and and all official hockey markings be left fully intact. Here is a look at a few rinks that would no longer be allowed in today's NHL.

Today's rinks are highly regulated and one can only assume that more changes will be in the NHL's future.  One trend that I have seen in recent years is the growing size of the arena logos around center ice. It is the only place they are allowed to put them and some teams make sure that these names will not be ignored like the following...

These large arena names have led me to believe that in the not so distant future, the NHL might make a new rule stating that all team/arena identities must remain inside the circle. If that were to happen, here is what I think some might look like.

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