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Mini-Rinks 2.0

After introducing a slightly more detailed mini-rink design a month ago, I quickly stopped production on those so I could work on the finer details of the rinks such as the different crease and faceoff circle designs over the years. CF92 provided me with a great resource for ice markings over the years and I put together a new ice texture and board marking template to make these rinks the most detailed yet. I am even trying to incorporate arena specific lighting patterns if possible. I have posted mini-rinks for all of the Boston Bruins graphics. You can view them here.

You will notice that they have obviously fake in ice ads as well as board advertisements. I wanted to show when the teams got ice ads and board ads but it would be impossible to have accurate ads for every year, especially in the earlier years. I am considering releasing authentic logos on boards and ice for the current year however.

I will be uploading mini-rinks for more teams very soon!

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