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New Tournament Begins This Afternoon

We tried this with last year's ices and the tournament started off doing well but the votes slowed about halfway through. I had not planned to do another one but considering the last one took place during the lockout, I thought maybe it might be worth trying one more time. This time however, it will not just be two teams facing off against each other. This means there will not be nearly as many polls in each round so hopefully boredom will not set in.

This time the format will start with a poll for each division where you can vote for your favorite ice out of the 5 teams within that division. Round 2 will be the 3 winners from the western conference facing each other and the same for the east. Finally we will have the west meet the east for the championship.

It is a much faster tournament and will allow for 3 days per poll instead of 1 as we did in the previous poll. First poll will be up this afternoon!

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