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Forgotten Anniversaries

It is not uncommon to see anniversary logos on ice, but I thought it would be fun to take a look back at just some of the team's anniversary logos that never made it to center ice. What might they look like? Why didn't they paint it at center ice? Sometimes it is clear that they used good judgement in not using their celebratory logo at center ice. Let's take a look...

Atlanta Thrashers 2009

Atlanta didn't get too many chances to celebrate a big anniversary. I would hope that if they had, perhaps their anniversary logos would have gotten better over time. Practice makes perfect right? Thankfully this logo never made it to ice.

Boston Bruins 2005 

The Bruins 80'th anniversary was perhaps one of the most forgotten anniversaries of all. It would have taken place during the 2004/05 season which was scrapped by Gary Bettman.

Columbus Blue Jackets 2010 

Not the worst logo out there, but it just didn't fit a circle very well. Perhaps this was the consensus that led to the decision to keep the primary logo at center ice that year.

Los Angeles Kings 2007 
This seemed like a shame not to use at center ice, but the Kings seem to prefer to keep their primary logo at center ice, even on anniversary years.

New Jersey Devils 2007

I have to say, I like the anniversary logo a lot, however it just doesn't seem to fit the circle along with the arena text which lays inside the circle as well. Perhaps this would have worked if they would have moved the arena text to the outside.

Nashville Predators 2008 
If your center ice is already busy, it would sure be hard to add a busy anniversary logo to the mix.

Pittsburgh Penguins 1997 
In order to use this logo, they likely would have had to remove the arena name. Also, thats a lot of paint on the ice for the 1990's.

Saint Louis Blues 2002
Most of you are probably well aware that I am a huge Blues fan, but I have to admit, I am not a fan of this logo. However, on ice it looks a little better than just on its own.

If you guys like these concepts, I will try to follow up with some more in the future.

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