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Summer Ice In Carolina

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The Carolina Hurricanes are ready for the Fall... I mean Summer. Just a couple months after removing their ice after failing to make the playoffs, new ice has been made. It is all part of the upcoming Carolina Hurricanes Summerfest which will include scrimmages with the rookies and draft picks and the week will wrap up with a game and skills competition.

Perhaps what is most interesting to me about this is how they painted the ice with advertisements and everything as if it were for the hockey season, and most notably, the red line has changed. Could this be a hint at what the ice will look like this fall? Are the black squares not only gone from the sweaters but also the red line? Did they just not want to spend the time on the red line for one week of use?

All probably good questions and ones that we wont get answers to until this fall, but I tend to think the red line was designed to match the new home jersey's stripes.

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