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Unpredictable Kings

When the Los Angeles Kings changed their primary logo to the "home plate" logo, everyone expected to see that primary at center ice, even though many did not like the idea. The Kings were wise to keep the crown at center ice with an updated color scheme. Just when we thought this center ice would remain the same for years to come, the King spoke and now the primary logo finds itself at center ice.

Even EA Sports was fooled when they tried to guess what the center ice would need to look like in NHL 12. They put the primary logo at center ice only to find out a few weeks later that it would not actually appear on the real Staples Center ice. In NHL 14 it will appear as the crown unless they are able to patch in the logo change at a later date, though in the past this has not happened.

So one question remains: How well will fans and players be able to see the puck over that black logo at center ice? Of course this is not the first black logo to appear at center ice... The Bruins come to mind. However this is perhaps the logo with the most black to appear at center ice. I have been asking around for opinions, and there seems to be a pretty even divide in opinions.

Some say that the logo will make it very difficult to see the puck, not so much for the players on the ice, but for those watching on TV. Others say that the action will only be at center ice for brief moments in the game and will be traveling fast enough that the distraction will be minimal.

One thing is for sure, if it creates any sort of problem, we won't have to wait too much longer to hear about it now! Comment below and weigh in on the debate!

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