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NHL Section Refresh

You may have noticed some NHL graphics are brighter and more crisp now on the NHL section of the site. This is part of a site wide project to make the ices look more like what they would under professional venue lighting. The bonus to that is they also display better when browsing through all the thumbnails. Right now the 2014 ices are all new, and I am working on updating all the teams but this will take some time. Additionally we are trying to include other details such as the 50 foot neutral zone dating back to the lockout, the 54 foot neutral zone from 1998 to 2004 and the 58 foot neutral zone prior to 1998.

After the NHL section is done, I do intend to update other sections of the site as well.

Here is the current progress. I will do my best to keep this updated though it will not always appear at the top of the page unless there is a major update to announce.

NHL Teams Left To Complete
All Star Game
Hartford Whalers

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