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Remember The Blue Ice Experiment?

Remember that time way back in 2005, during the lockout, when the concept of a blue ice rink came up? The idea behind it was to make the game more friendly for television, particularly high-definition TV. Along with the obvious blue tint, the blue lines would become orange, and the red line would become blue. The lines would also be thicker, which along with the color changes, would make it easier for officials to make quick and accurate calls on the ice.

Obviously this idea never went very far. The HSBC Arena in Buffalo gave it a try and it was used for an AHL game that was played there that season. Perhaps you are wondering why I bring up this old story in 2013...

I wanted to see what it might look like today had the new ice went into effect. The results are actually quite awful and further convinces me that they made the right call. Never-the-less, I thought I would share some of the possibilities with the Frozen Faceoff Community.

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  1. I have the graphic of what the ice looked like for the game you mention. It was for an AHL game in Buffalo, and it was the one year when the blue lines were twice as wide as they would normally be.

    Here is a link to that graphic, if ya need it: