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No Foolin... Its Been Four Years!

As April begins, there will be lots of pranks and gags going on, but this milestone is certainly no joke. Who would have ever thought that a blog used to show off a few desktop wallpapers would turn into what we have today. I owe it all to the fans and to some great people who have helped along the way.

For those that are newer to this site, I first want to mention that it would never have been possible to create a complete NHL center ice archive for all current and historic teams without a lot of help from Cory Gibson and CanuckFanatic92. When they started helping this site, I only had about 10-20% of the NHL ices if that. Through exhaustive research and a lot of help on the graphic designs, we were able to have a nearly complete history of NHL center ice designs in less than a years time.

This past year we have really tried to build up a section devoted to goal horns. It is surprising how difficult it is to find information on some of the horns, and especially pictures of them. This fall we were lucky enough to team up with NHL Horns & Songs on youtube to bring you high quality recordings of the each of the teams goal celebrations. I encourage everyone to check out his channel!

Finally, the latest big development for the site this year has actually taken place over the last four or five months. We are in the long process of upgrading all of our NHL center ice graphics to have a fresh and more detailed look. You can read more about the changes here. Following the upgrades to the NHL section, I plan to move on to the AHL and probably the CHL after that.

As we celebrate 4 years all this month, keep checking in for some special content throughout the month! For now check our our anniversary ice design!

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