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Fixing The Capitals

Welcome to a our continuing series as part of our month long celebration of our fourth anniversary. This series is similar to our concepts page, but focuses on how each of the NHL's thirty teams could improve upon their current center ice designs. Some teams could use a lot of work and for each team we will post 2-3 ideas for how they might improve their ice. Lets face it though, some teams already have a perfect center ice but to be fair we will still look at some alternate ideas. Please let us know which you prefer in the comments below, or let us know if you think it is perfect as is.

Washington Capitals
I can't say that the Captial's center ice is awful or even close. If you like a clean look, then they will no disappoint. Still I can't help but wonder if it isn't time to see an actual logo on ice instead of the wordmark, or perhaps to compliment it.

Option 1: Perhaps my favorite look for the Capital's center ice would be the "W'Eagle". This logo looks sharp and it would be a bold statement at center ice.

Option 2: Some might say the W'Eagle looks good but perhaps its not quite time to  ditch the wordmark at center ice. Here is a compromise.

Option 3: Perhaps you think I should stop messing with this design and leave it as is.


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