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AHL Unlikely Concepts

Due to popular demand, I am posting some concepts for the upcoming debut of 2 AHL teams who will be sharing home arena's with an NHL team. I did not include these in the AHL Expansion post because these seem very unlikely unless their NHL affiliates are knocked out of the post season. Even then, its hard to say what the arena's would do with the ice. We have seen it before with the Edmonton Oil Kings and Calgary Hitmen of the Canadian Hockey League, so it can't be ruled out. Some people are speculating that the Jets and Flames will share their ice space with their AHL affiliates all season long, but I would be shocked to see that happen.

Anyway, here is what it MIGHT look like IF they decide to give the AHL some ice time.


  1. Nice concepts but the Moose would probably have used the full logo with the wordmark at the bootom like last time.

    1. I made this based off of their seating chart.