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Ice Expectations For 2017

With the off-season rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking about what ice designs we may see next season. We already know there are likely to be a few changes. Of course this is all speculation at this point but a few of the changes are almost a sure thing.

Colorado Avalanche
After a disappointing conclusion to their 20th season in the NHL, the Avalanche will likely return to their regular center ice design next season. They are not know for making many changes to their ice design.

Detroit Red Wings
We never expect to see a team like the Red Wings to make ice changes unless it is an anniversary season or a special occasion like they did for the playoffs this year. What was even more surprising was to see the Joe Louis Arena word-mark on the ice in a red "Detroit Red Wings" style font. Could that word-mark return next year for the final season.

Edmonton Oilers
The Oilers will have a new home next season and of course that means a little change must come to the ice. Aside from the arena name change, renderings and the extremely detailed seat locator both suggest that the team will go with a solid red line. I still wonder if this wasn't done for simplicity of the drawings as the Oilers have had the same red line design for most of their existence.

Florida Panthers
The Panthers have made little secret of the fact that they intend to completely re-brand themselves and while nothing has been officially unveiled, a great deal of information has lead to a very possible spoiler.

Los Angeles Kings
The Kings are one of four teams that will celebrate their 50'th Anniversary as part of the NHL's Expansion. Given how similar the anniversary logo looks to the primary logo, it's a good bet that the anniversary logo will appear at center ice next year.

Philadelphia Flyers
The Flyers will celebrate their 50th Anniversary as well, but they are not a team to change up their ice much. I would imagine this would be a long shot but there is the possibility we might see this.

Pittsburgh Penguins
There seems to be two possibilities for the Penguins to change the ice next season. The Penguins are expected to switch to the gold logo that they are using for their very successful playoff run so it would seem a given that they would switch to the gold logo on ice next season. The others possibility is that we might see their 50th Anniversary logo on the ice, though I think fans would much prefer to see the new gold primary logo.

San Jose Sharks
Another team going to the Finals that will certainly have a change in their center ice, though I would imagine it will be a familiar look since their anniversary season will be over. They will likely just go for their normal primary logo with no other changes to center ice.

St. Louis Blues
The Blues are the final team to celebrate their 50th Anniversary season next year. In more recent years, they have opted not to use their anniversary logos on the ice. This time especially, I would hope they would not use their rather unimaginative logo on the ice. It is always a possibility though.

Toronto Maple Leafs
The Leafs will have a brand new logo, though more of a throwback to a previous look. We are certain you will see that logo at center ice next season.

We will post more updates as any new info comes along.

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