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Frozen Faceoff Q&A (Answered)

Over the past few months we have been taking questions from our followers and today, I have sat down to answer many of them. Hope you enjoy!

About the Site

Why did you start this site? 
The site actually came about inadvertently. I had been a hockey fan for years and I love graphic design, so one day I decided to make a St. Louis Blues center ice wallpaper for computer. When it was done I posted it somewhere and a friend wanted me to make one for their favorite team, the Detroit Red Wings. After a couple more requests, I decided to make all 30 NHL ices and just threw them up on a quick blog which was simply called Painted ice. The blog sat for a year until one day I checked in on it and saw multiple messages requesting updates to the graphics. I had not given it any thought that teams might change up the designs year to year. Soon I got to work on a new set of ices and then setup a domain under the name "Frozen Faceoff."

Were you interested in the ice designs before coming up with this idea?
No, in fact I didn't even know that teams had different red line designs at the time. The only thing I ever noticed prior to starting the site was that sometimes the primary logo at center ice would change if a team updated their brand. 

Did you always plan to add new things like scoreboards/goal horns to the site? 
No, in 2011 when I set up Frozen Faceoff, I only planned to do NHL ices, and didn't even plan to keep that up for long. That soon expanded to include older NHL ice graphics with the help of Cory and "CanuckFanatic92" and later, the AHL. Oddly enough, the scoreboard graphics came about exactly like the center ice graphics did. I made one for myself and that turned into something more. Goal horns seemed only fitting as they were another aspect of the hockey world that often went unnoticed. 

How you make the ices to display online?
The ices start out as a white background with the required hockey markings. Then the team logos, arena marks and red line designs are added creating a very clean look. The ice texture has evolved so much over the past 6 years. I have outside of one complete overhaul about 2 years in, the current texture has been around for a long time and has gone through many modifications in an effort to present a realistic ice texture while keeping the focus of the site on the actual layouts of each center ice. This fall, I plan to also include a heavily skated version of some center ices as well.

Where do you get the fonts for the arena names?
Fonts are sometimes easy to find as many are pretty generic fonts. Others take more research and require a few manual modifications. Then there are the ones that must be made up from scratch. Those are the most annoying and can be very difficult.

Do you enjoy making center ices or scoreboards more?
Center ices are generally easier to make and can be fun, but scoreboards are less repetitive and create some fun challenges. Aside from a few of the more difficult ones, I tend to enjoy making scoreboards more. Of course some of that may have to do with the fact I have been making center ice graphics for 6 years and scoreboards for only a year or so. 

What scoreboard graphics has been the most difficult to recreate?
Buffalo and NY Rangers were both extremely difficult. I even had to go back and redesign much of the Rangers board after not liking the original graphic. 

What are your thoughts on red line patterns in the league?
I love having a variety. I love a solid red line design with strong logos such as the Bruins but also love when teams find something that has never been done before such as the Predators. 

Has any of your concept ices ever been used in real life?
Technically no. I have seen them come true before but I am quite certain it was more of a safe prediction rather than a team using my idea.

Do you prefer painted center ice designs or the in ice fabric logos?
I always love the art of having people actually paint the logos on the ice. Nothing wrong with fabric logos though. 

Have you had any communication with teams during your time working with the site? Which teams are the most/least helpful?
The graphic designer from the Utica Comets has been very helpful and even sent us the actual layout for both the Comets and the All Star center ice designs. The whole organization over there is a class act. Ironically, the least helpful team has been my own St. Louis Blues. I have reached out multiple times in the last several years, long before complaining about them, and was ignored every single time. They were the only team that did not even have the courtesy to respond to any email, tweeet or DM I have sent. 

Do you make ice textures for use in NHL 2004 on the PC?
I have never made those. I actually never owned a hockey game on the PC so I wasn't even aware of this practice for quite some time. By then, plenty of people were taking care of the PC hockey gamer's needs.

Have you ever considered doing basketball courts or football fields?
No, I have limited knowledge of basketball and football. I believe there are already a couple individuals out there who do something similar though. 

Why don't you have an NHL Jersey section.
NHL Uniforms and Chris Creamer already have you covered in that department. I could never complete with their outstanding work.

What are some of your favorite and least favorite center ices in the NHL and AHL?
So tough. For the NHL I love the Bruins and Rangers center ices, and really do not like the Kings, Devils and Capitals center ices. For the AHL, I love the Comets center ice but do not like the Bears, Checkers and Wolves ices.

Has your work been featured on any sports sites?
Yes, our work has been featured a few times. ESPN UniWatch, TSN Bardown (for our scoreboards) and PuckDaddy.

Who do you think has the best/worst goal horn in the league?
I think Chicago has a pretty awesome goal horn. Carolina has my least favorite.

What teams (NHL, AHL, ECHL, CHL) do you think need a re-brand the most? 
This may be unpopular but I really do not like the Kings 'home plate' design. In the AHL, the Barracuda logo still has to be a joke. Beyond the AHL there are just too many teams I would like to see re-branded. 

Off Topic.

What's your favorite sports team?
Let's Go Blues!

Can you do a voice reveal?
I have no intentions of doing a 'voice reveal' specifically, though I would not mind going on a podcast at some point. 

What are your thoughts on an NHL or AHL team in KC? 
I do not want to see another NHL team in Missouri but an AHL team would be perfect. I would hope that St. Louis (who is currently without an AHL team) is working on a plan to make this happen. 

Who do you think has the best scoreboard in the NHL?
I am a big fan of the Oilers board. The size and design are great while maintaining 4 equal sides.

Would you like to see all teams end up with a Cowboy Stadium style scoreboard eventually?
Oh please, no! I really do not like having the screens on the end of the boards being so much smaller. The one in Tampa Bay is probably the worst.

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