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NHL Scoreboard Tournament - Round 4 Has Begun

We are trying something new this year. It is the first of what could be a new annual tradition. We are seeing which teams have the best scoreboard design. This poll is not designed to see which scoreboard is the largest. We already know that from our yearly scoreboard infographic which you can check out here.  The scoreboards on our voting graphics are not to scale as we hope you will vote more by the actual design and overall appearance of the board. Imagine they are all the same size. (This page will be updated with results)

Round 4 - Semi Finals
This poll is winding down. Vegas, Detroit, New Jersey, and Toronto are your finalists. Keep voting to see who will win!

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1
In the first round, each team will face-off for a couple days in a Twitter Poll. You will find this by following @frozenfaceoff on Twitter, or by visiting our homepage. The first poll will go live tomorrow (1/7/2017)

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