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NHL Scoreboards From Behind The Goals

For the first time, we take a look at just how big the scoreboards really are for those who sit on the ends of the arena behind the goals. Obviously there are plenty of people who will question why we need to watch the board at all, but lets face it, those replays can be quite important sometimes.

For most arenas there is not much difference because most arenas have equilateral scoreboards. A few teams however, have "Cowboy Stadium" style boards that have larger sides near the benches and smaller sides on the ends of the rink. They are often considered the biggest boards in the league, but are they really? Are the people seated on the ends getting a decent view of the board? Some are not so bad, but some will surprise you.

So for these infographics, here is what you need to know:
  • Boards are ranked by the sides that face the goals. 
  • Teams that display their scoring on the main video screens will have that space removed from the dimensions. (Only the size of the live action/replay display will be calculated) 
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