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First Look At Hurricane's New Scoreboard

Pack Pride, an independent publication covering NC State which shares PNC Arena with the Carolina Hurricanes, has shared a rendering of the future new scoreboard for the arena. There is no info given regarding the maker, or any dimensions, but here is what we can gather from the rendering.

The sideline screens appear to stretch roughly the length of the NHL neutral zone, while the end screens will be much smaller and close to a square shape. The main screens will likely show video replay footage in the center while displaying the score and stats near the left and right edges of the screens. The end screens will likely show gameplay scaled down to a 16:9 ratio, with the remaining space either above or below being used for scoring display. I would imagine it will be used in a very similar fashion as the Houston Rockets scoreboard.

Photo by WJHW

The Carolina Hurricanes had previously stated that the scoreboard would likely stretch from blue line to blue line, so this model certainly seems to fit that description. We were hoping that the end screens would be a little larger though. In a larger scale, I had really hoped we were moving away from the scoreboards with tiny end zone screens, but maybe not just yet.

The scoreboard is scheduled to be installed in time for the 2019-2020 NHL Season. Stay tuned for more details.

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