World Cup Of Hockey Wallpaper

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It is time to start gearing up for the World Cup of Hockey which will be held later in September at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. So to get you in the mood, here is our brand new WCOH scoreboard wallpaper. Enjoy!

Canucks Alter Their Center Ice

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The Vancouver Canucks have installed their new ice for the season and it has a couple changes this time around. The red line is no longer solid red, in fact they went back to a design that has been used by the team for many years. Also the arena word-mark now includes the Rogers logo which it has never included in the past. Finally, the word-marks no longer both face the broadcast cameras. Check this out and more in the NHL section!

Several 2017 CHL Ices Added

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We have added 2017 center ice graphics for Barrie, Kingston, Niagara, North Bay, Kamloops, Kelowna, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Seattle, Swift Current and Victoria. Check them out here!

2017 North Bay Battalion

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The Battalion have a new red line this year. Otherwise the ice has stayed the same. Along with uploading their new center ice, we have also fitted all the previous ices with our new, accurate word-mark around the circle. Check them out on the CHL section.

New York Rangers 90th - Version 2

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JetIce Hockey has confirmed that the Rangers will use something very similar to this concept on the ice at Madison Square Garden this year. They also stated that they will have a new red line but we do not know exactly what to expect yet.

2017 Barrie Colts Center Ice

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The Barrie Colts went with their usual design but with a small change to the red line. Still the white boxes but they are spaced out different this year. Check it out on the CHL section.

Here Come The Thunderbirds

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Kevin S noticed we had not posted any new Thunderbirds concepts and with the team getting ready to start up in the AHL this year, he gave us this suggestion. Check out more concepts here.

Preds Summer Ice Surprises Again

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The Nashville Predators put in ice for a brief time each summer to allow their fans to skate on the ice that they watch their favorite skaters play on each year. However, it is not just any ice that they put down. Last year they went with a gold ice so this year they knew they had to step up their game.

On the surface, their new ice doesn't look much different than what they usually use for the hockey season. Then, the lights in Bridgestone Arena go dark...

That's right! The Predators have brought in glow in the dark hockey markings for a very special fan skate in the dark. We cannot wait to see what they try next year!