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This site is designed to capture the past and present of center ice designs. It serves as a historical archive of NHL ices and also explores other pro and minor leagues as well as some college teams. The site is always expanding and will likely never be 'finished'. You may feel free to use these images on another site. All I ask is that you give credit and link back to this site!

Whose Behind The Site? 
David - Founder, Webmaster, Graphic Designer: I started the site on April 25, 2011 as a way to show off some wallpaper for all thirty team's ice graphics for that season. I had no idea that it would turn into anything more than that. Now I work on the site daily, adding new graphics, and promoting the site. 
Cory - Researcher, Promoter: Cory came on board in September of 2012 having already done a lot of research on historical NHL center ice designs. Along with a lot of accuracy-checking, he also spread the word about the site and is largely responsible for the fan-base that we have now. 
CF92 - Researcher, Graphic Designer: CF92 also jumped on board in September of 2012 with previous experience in designing ice graphics. His experience has led him to make many of the older ice graphics and has given him a keen eye for accuracy checking on existing ice graphics..
Famous Goal Horns - Goal Horn Video Partner: FGH has been making goal horn videos for several seasons and this year we are partnering up with him for our goal horns section. Follow him on Twitter: @FamousGoalHorns
Not 2 Bohrium - Animation Designer:  N2BH has started creating animations for our scoreboard videos and has even helped bring a few of our scoreboards to life. His animations are professional quality and we are excited to be working with him. Follow him on Twitter: @not2bohrium
Justin - Podcast Co-Host, Producer: Justin and I work together in our 'real life' jobs and he mentioned the idea of doing a podcast. After talking for awhile he thought it would be great to make it part of the Frozen Faceoff network.
Chris - Podcast Co-Host: Justin's best friend came along to lend his extensive hockey knowledge and statistical information to support the podcast. He recently moved to Seattle and will soon be ready to once again record some podcasts.

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